Round Table Sunderland 1-1 LFC

Posted by Hinesy on September 15, 2012, 06:17:16 PM

I have many questions this week but few to do with football.

Suffice to say we drew.

To be honest I doubt any of our usual round tablers are up for an in depth discussion on the finer points of tactics, but I'll say a few words.

Gerrard plays too deep for me, perhaps he's covering in Lucas' role, but Shelvey as one of the front midfielders? Not for me. Don't like him that much, not subtle enough and doesn't have that instinct with Suarez.

Downing looked better coming on yesterday, I wonder if there's merit, at least in Europe, trying him out on the left, with Luis in the centre.

Borini was unlucky not to score yesterday, one thing foreign players coming into the PL have to realise is that yes the game's played at a fast pace but that doesn't mean you rush all your decisions.

Fast pace, slow mind.

Looked a penalty to me, and with something like 18-6 attempts, the scoreline didn't reflect the match. But then again nor did it at the other matches we've played this year...

No questions from me, for this week of all weeks, any question unrelated to the 12th seems trite.

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