Round Table: Liverpool 1 (2)- Hearts 1 Europa League QF.

Posted by Hinesy on August 30, 2012, 09:56:00 PM

Thank fuck for that. Lets be honest, thank fuck we got that banana skin out the way. Speaking of slippy stuff, lets get some glue on Pepe's gloves.
Never thought I'd be saying bringing on Sterling would make a difference but it did.

Joe Allen already looks vital to our side and Lucas out for 3 months makes him ever more important. On the last day of the window, do we need better cover in that position now that Adam is out of favour and Shelvey isn't really the best person for the job in my opinion.

Suarez makes me laugh sometimes, misses an easy chance and then tucks away something from nothing.

Onto Archie's post below for the main discussion of this Round Table then.....

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