Round Table Liverpool 2 - 2 Man City

Posted by Hinesy on August 26, 2012, 05:56:23 PM

so This Round Table would've been all about the slow dawning of Rodgers' ideas on the game and how the leaving out of Jamie Carragher in favour of 21 yr old Sebastian Coates was the biggest statement he made when all said and done.
But when all said and done, we're talking about Skrtel's best moment / Skrtel's worst moment. Towering header and great goal, and then that back pass.

Ho hum. But if, if we leave that aside, we had a great and illuminating game. Passing, pressing and passion all the way through, there will be a few tired legs in the changing room tonight.

Allen was terrific, worthy of man of the match and Gerrard appeared to be freed up by him. The loss of Lucas? Well we'll never know what he might have done, suffice to say their two goals should'nt have been given away like that. The real frustration will only tell at the other end of the season when points = places but til then, lets look at the positive.
Sterling - how easy it would be to say he looks settled already, but he does. Coates didn't do anything terrible and aquitted himself well, as did the majority of the team. Just Martin's madness...

Questions: Borini and Suarez. How do you see them working together?
Carroll. Is there a place for him?
Finally how did the first home game for Brendan go for you?

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