Homecoming Details - European Cup victory parade Thursday 6.30 pm

Posted by Rushian on May 26, 2005, 11:37:31 AM

Details of the victory parade for the new Champions of Europe (is it five times now?) have been announced by the city and the police.

The team, carrying the cup which we'll now keep, will be escorted by 20 police horses in a parade starting at the junction of Queens Drive and East Prescot Road at 6.30pm.

Map here

The major points along the route with the times the parade will pass are:

Queens Drive, at its junction with Jolly Miller pub (6.50pm)

Map here

Queens Drive junction with Utting Avenue: (7.10pm)

Map here

Arkles Lane at its junction with Priory Road (7.20pm)

Map here

Anfield Football Ground, Walton Breck Road (7.35pm)

Do you really need a map ;)

Everton Valley (7.50pm)

Map here

Scotland Road (8pm)

Map here

Entering Lime Street via St Johns Lane, passing St George's Hall (8.30pm) before the parade disperses.

Map here

Roads will be closed as the parade passes through the main points. The roads will only be closed for a minimal period of time, shortly before and after the procession passes.

Merseyside Police Chief Supt Dave Willman said: "There should be minimal disruption during the parade. However I'd advise anyone travelling between 6.30pm and 8.30pm to try and avoid the area.

"I'd ask anyone going, that for safety reasons, they do not climb on street furniture and stay on the pavements, away from the roads. There will be plenty of vantage points where spectators will be able to see the procession.

"The winners will be led in by 20 police horses which will ensure that the buses pass slowly enabling everyone to catch a glimpse of their favourite players."

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