Round Table: Gomel vs Liverpool 0-1

Posted by DanA on August 4, 2012, 04:26:17 AM

First official game of the season so time to bust out the round table thread.

To be honest it wasn't pretty.  2 seconds of good football made up of the time it took Downing to swing his left peg (one hell of a cracking shot), 5,398 seconds of absolute dross. Rodgers must have been ripping his hair out because I couldn't see any effort to execute his passing game plan. The pitch was atrocious, heat apparently oppressive and we were presumably tired from a travel and a tough preseason, the worst for me though was we were so static.  So much of Rodgers style revolves around constantly making yourself available and passing the opposition off the pitch. It didn't happen and we were often caught on the ball in our own half.

It was reminiscent of Hodgeson. Pinching an ugly European away win against the "formidible" Gomel. It will surely improve, it has to improve but for now pinching an ugly win while we get though preseason is all we need.

- Lucas get more time under his belt
- Sterling look the part
- The workrate of Borini.
- Carragher was probably MOTM for me
- Downing scored!

- Generally, shit skills and caught dwelling on the ball
- Shit movement
- Lack of threat in the box
- Cole hamstring injury

It was a Rodgers 4-3-3 with mostly inverted wide player (occasionally swaped) lacked the pressing and high tempo passing (Presumably due to heat & heavy training load)
In possession our CB's split and DM came forward to collect while our fullbacks pushed forward.
Gerrard I felt was stepping on Spearing toes in the first half, rectified in the 2nd.

Not a lot to discuss though.

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