Third & last part of L.García RAWK interview: Luis García himself

Posted by Spanish-Red on May 19, 2005, 11:12:31 PM

Spanish Red brings us the final part of his interview with Luis Garcia, where our diminutive goal scorer answers questions put to him by readers of RAWK. The first two parts of the interview can be read here:

Part 1 and Part 2


1. Who was your footballing idol as you grew up and does you model yourself, the way you play on that idol?

One of the players who I always admired was Michael Laudrup.  A player who fascinated me with the way he played, with regards to both beautiful football and simultaneously being effective.

2. What song do you like that you think we could sing to him? Anything from Spain, a favourite tune? Or maybe something by your favourite band/musician?

It doesn't matter to me what type of music you can sing for me, nor if you decide simply to shout only my name, it is just something that I have liked listening to this year.

3. Have you found yourself a house to live in yet or are you still living in the Hope Street hotel?

Yes I have found a house in the town of Woolton.  The truth is that I am very pleased in the City. I have always liked the American lifestyle and in certain things here is very similar.

4. What's the favourite goal that you have scored?

I think that the best goal this year was against juventus, although I also liked very much the goal that I scored against Blackburn Rovers with the right foot, from a long distance.

5. What scouse phrases have you picked up since you joined the club?

I have to admit, I am not very good but there is the one that im using a lot :) : "fucking hell"

6. Do you spend any time with other players in the squad who aren't Spanish? Have you guys been out together yet?

Yes, we have been out several times together, and I even organized a supper for all the boys in a Spanish restaurant, the same day that Man Utd played versus Chelsea.

7. How's your car after that bump you had outside Melwood a few weeks ago?

Hahahaha.  It´s good, but the truth is that sometimes people must be careful; two boys rushed out to request an autograph from me and I had to do a quick manoeuvre to avoid running over them, and I bumped the car on my left.

8. Whats the banter between yourself and Morientes and Nunez like, being ex- Barca and Madrid lads ... did you watch the game together the other night?

We have a very good relationship, and usually we see the La Liga matches together. Morientes home and mine are very close and we are practically every day together. The rivalry between our former teams doesn't affect our good relationship.

9. If you were to describe yourself as a car, what car would you be and why?

Hahaha.  A hard question! I have always liked the Mercedes; probably a SL500 is my favourite car.  It is a fast car, that will hardly stop working or stop responding ;)

10. Who's better on guitar, you or Xabi?

Hahaha. Of course me! I have for many years played the guitar, I like music a lot, the thing with me and Xabi was just a joke for the Radio media.

11. Did the birth of his baby/wife being in Spain affect his mind late 2004 which saw a dip in form after his excellent start ?

This year has been many changes: to leave my country, the team of all my life, the birth of my first baby, different language, culture, teammates, etc ... I do not like to think that outside influences can affect my play, but sometimes this can happen and perhaps it could influence something.


1. Any funny dressing room stories to tell?

Hahaha. Always there are some stories in the dressing room, but there is always a code of respect too, and everything that happens there, good or bad, stays there. I'm sorry guys!

2. Luis, how have your everyday life around Liverpool city been?

Nothing outside the normal thing. I like to go to the city to eat and try different restaurants. We like (my wife and me) to go walking around and to take tea while we give the dinner to Joel.

3. Luis, how do you feel now with the team in the CL Final, having scored the winning goals against Leverkusen, Juventus and Chelsea?!

As you can imagine I'm very happy with this spot for the team. But this history hasn't ended yet. Personally it has been a great season, for my first season here in England, and we are all sure that LFC is going in the right way for the next season. This seasonl we all thought that to take LFC to Quarter Final was a big success for a team under construction, but now ...... we are in the Final and we want to achieve the top success as a present for our fans and for the history of LFC. After 20 years, we are here again.


I was in Liverpool last weekend, for the last match of Premier League against Aston Villa. I was really impressed with the atmosphere. I liked the idea of the players going around the pitch with his sons and daughters too. Is this only in LFC or all teams in England make that at the end of the season?

Here a few pics of my weekend in Liverpool:

Im trying to explain the last match  8)

Luis and me in the players' changing room, behind us his number 10.

This is Anfield  ;)

Me with a legend. Im the one with the pink shirt  ;D  ;)

And finally, Luis & Joel:

© Spanish Red 2005

Thanks to Luis and Spanish red from all at RAWK and good luck in the final Luis :wave

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