From Roy to Rodgers: Pulling the Trigger

Posted by Hinesy on June 2, 2012, 01:30:23 PM

Just an excuse for another punning title really... but here's my thoughts right now and it leads back to my We're all hypocrites thread.
I'll put my hand up now and say I thought Hodgson was a shrewd move for Liverpool, he knew the Premiership, he was steeped in the history of the game and a steady old hand on the tiller after the Rafa viscittudes, swinging this way and that.. But then it didn't work out and I can't work it out still... He seemed not to 'get' Liverpool, certainly not the fans.
But when he was removed, and with less time and more brutally than Dalglish was, we didn't care. We thought hurrah, the return of the king, and FSG bought themselves some free goodwill from the fans.. Ah they get us, they've brought one of our own back.

But lets be honest, we shouldn't be listened to at the best of times... I know of people who thought Milan Baros would change the world.. who he ask the under 20's, I thought Diouf would set the world on fire, not try and put one out by spitting at Celtic fans..

And I thought Kenny's return was a dubious honour, until he brought Clarke in, which was astute and reassuring. Here was a motivator coupled with a knowledge of the modern game man. But we played, at times, dreadful football, and whilst I think I would've given him more time, we all acknowledge there was a lot of dissent about Kenny toward the end of the season.

Posts abounded between those who would give him time, arguing its how we do things, as if being a tradition makes it right. But these *(and I) were the same people lauding the sacking of Roy. There were those saying Get rid of Kenny, we're shite and we know it. But then 'Bring back Rafa', the man who for me took us to the top of the hill, and half way down again.

And we said "no, not Brendan bloody Rodgers, manager of what? Oh, there's a team called Swansea (with due respect to the Welsh passers)" and then "Hmm I'm excited for our new future".

We bemoan FSG for not having a plan in place before Kenny's sacking but equally would find it utterly disrespectful if they had had a plan in place. We complain when they want to interview, and put in place a DOF and a TD, and WTF etc and say we should just have a single minded manager, but then almost mock Rodgers' immodest "I'm not being part of an interview process" then admire him for his press conference whilst hating one of his mentors, Jose.

And I'm writing this because frankly I don't know what the fuck to think. I'm as bad as every Liverpool fan who shouts and knee jerks like a 2 yr old not getting the lollipop at the checkout. Kenny sacked? Outfuckinrageous. ooh a new plan? Great! FSG have it sorted, oh they don't, yes they do.

None of us can come out of this with any gloss but then again what else could've happened? We're the best fans in the world but we're the most fickle fans in the world, lets not kid ourselves.

What would have been the best way to do this?

FSG decide some months ago, Kenny should stop come the end of the season. They put a new manager search into operation. Sack KD, annouce the one. Result: We look decisive. No! We look disrespectful.

FSG decide some months ago, Kenny should stop come the end of the season. They don't put a new manager search in place. Then they let him go and start the process. Result: They look clueless. No! They look respectful and wise taking their time.

FSG decide there's a new structure to be put in place: DOF etc. Result: ooh Manchester City style new modern approach the game. No! Yanks without a clue.

FSG decide there's new structure to be put in place but new manager says no. Result: They've listened to their new man and let him manage. No! They're clueless and wishy washy.

I'm not fan of them, but I'm not not a fan of them. If I'm in a fuddle, fuck knows what they think right now...

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