Kenny (to) Rodgers: the Gambler

Posted by Hinesy on May 31, 2012, 12:40:36 AM


So in some ways, we've employed a manager who is about as modern as another BR, British Rail. He won't accept an invitation to be one of several interviewees; he has a long standing football philosophy developed in Europe and dare I say it, seems interested in pass and move...

1.Have FSG taken LSD and gone loopy or have they actually done something interesting and potentially forward thinking by looking backwards to a man who's his own man?

2.Do you think they will give him 3 years or expect him to get 4th place in a season or was that just bollocks from the people getting rid of Dalglish?

3.What are you looking forward to, and what are you concerned about with BR?

4.Is it a gamble or a shrewd investment.... Show us your crystal balls now and in years to come, we'll look back as say "Ah, they knew what they were on about" or, more likely "See, none of us ever know.."

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