Kenny Dalglish

Posted by cowtownred on May 27, 2012, 11:21:20 PM

There is an awful lot of vitriol on this site at the minute.  Its been that way for a few years to be honest.

From those who thought, in 2007, that Gillett and Hicks were like Noah and his missus... about to sail us away on an ark to salvation  (and others who thought we'd be shipwrecked).

Then there was the pro/anti-Rafa divide.

Some thought he was Moses, and would lead us to the Promised Land.  Many more thought we would be slaves for ever.

Now its FSG.  Some who trust. Others who need to have trust earned. And a sizeable number who won't ever get on board.

I have a major problem, and its this.  I can't wait for some of the replies I'm gonna get....and in a way its kind of going to confirm what I have been thinking for a while (but I'll wait to see).

To me, following the biblical thing, Kenny Dalglish is, and always has been, Jesus Christ.  Yes, maybe there was a Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. For those read Shankly, Paisley and Dalglish in whichever order you choose. (I'd have Shanks as the Big Boy, Paisley as the Spirit, but Kenny as the Jesus figure).

Thats how I have regarded Kenny Dalglish all my life.  He was the greatest footballer I ever saw.  I first saw him play at Ibrox, when I was 10. I was in the Celtic end, a few months after the disaster, and Celtic won 3-0.  A young fella came on as sub.  Dalglish.

When I went to my first match to see Liverpool play, in Belfast, 1977;  there was a new lad not playing, but just arrived at the club... Dalglish.

When I went to my second Liverpool match, that fella scored the only goal, and whats more...  I got to kiss him after he scored.  Dalglish.

For 25 years (and a bit more), Kenny Dalglish never, ever, put a foot wrong in his life.

He was a model trainee, at Celtic.   I know this, because the man who does my car tyres now was a Celtic trainee at that time.  Dalglish used to give my mate Kevin McCool a lift to training. And he was a role model when he was 20.

He was the greatest player we ever had, and Scotland ever had.

He married, raised kids. He never played away, did he?  His standards of behaviour, the kids he raised... he is a role model that our society would do well to try and copy.  A fucking perfect gentleman.

He managed us in the true manner of all he'd been the LAST member of The Liverpool Way Club.  Success a plenty; but achieved in the right way.

Then he did what no man should expect to ever do.  He leads out HIS team...LIVERPOOL... to a European Cup Final in 1985.   Then, if thats not enough, he does the same and worse (much, much worse) as a young manager, 4 years later in Sheffield.

I'm not going to go on and spell out what Kenny Dalglish then did. How he fought tragedy at home due to his wife's illness.  Or the Charity work he did. How he coped with severe PTSD.  And eventually how he answered the call to try to unite a fractured Club in the aftermath of their worst disaster since 1989.  He answered the call, but probably knew he was drinking out a poisoned chalice.  How he would not get the chance to reacquaint himself with the running of a team after 15+ years away.  No. He was a lame duck.

He was called by the paymasters, because he was the only one they knew they could ask. Imagine had they asked Martinez then?  After Hodgson?  There'd been riots in April.

So, these Americans called on Dalglish, my living God, to save them from disaster.  And Kenny Dalglish, being what and who he is, said OK.

The rest you all know.

The purpose of this conversation (and even if its only between me, and me) is this.

No man who ever wants to be connected. In any way whatever. With Liverpool Football Club. Has, or will ever, earn the credentials, the savoir faire, or the affection of me, and many many thousands like me. Without acknowledging the debt we owe to a small, big man, from Southwest Glasgow.  Any c*nt who ever hurts or tries to damage THIS MESSIAH of ours, will need to go through us first.

So OWNERS.  SPAWNY BLERT 'FANS' from wherever you come.   Do not EVER try to disturb the legend of Kenny Dalglish.  Because I and Liverpool supporters like me will not let you do that.  Theres only three in our trinity.


You attack one of them, you attack us all.

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