How FSG have handled the leaving of Dalglish.

Posted by Hinesy on May 17, 2012, 12:03:25 PM

I think there are two types of supporter hereabouts. Those who believe in short termist, modern day football club ownership which goes along the lines of several business models: You get a year and a bit to do your thing, or you're off. Real Madrid did it for a long time, then again Aston Villa do it... This approach says, no room for sentiment, or the 'way' in which a club is steeped in its culture. If it works, hire it, if not, sack it. FSG claims Kenny was to get Liverpool into the top four. He didn't and coupled with quite a few terrible results, off he goes.

Then again there are those that think Liverpool owners should own in a Liverpool manner. All that Shanks wrote about cheque books and so forth. Especially when it comes to legends like Dalglish. Long term dynasties, not short term tea parties.

Irrespective of whether Dalglish should've been sacked or not, there are fair arguments on both sides, the sticking point I have is the manner in which he went. And the seeming lack of strategy emanating from Boston. Of course you could argue we want things kept in house, but then complain when we're kept in the dark...

So my question to the scribes, all of yers is this:

How do you view so far the handling of the sacking of Kenny Dalglish?

It's not about if but how?

This is the day after Kenny went. I'll update the thread and thoughts as the days go on, if we can add to it as each drip of info seeps out..

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