Urgent Info for Reds travelling to Istanbul with Onur Air

Posted by Rushian on May 13, 2005, 12:59:43 PM

We know many Reds are taking connecting flights to Istanbul via Europe, and many are using Onur Air. We have received this information which could be bad news for those travelling:

Yesterday: the Dutch authorithies announced that they had removed Onur Air's rights to land on Dutch territory for one month. Several problems in the past with their airplanes lead to this decision. A few days ago an airplane had problems with their tyres when they landed at Atlanya in Turkey. They have been warned before and have now received a sanction.

Click here for Dutch news story

Onur Air flies from Amsterdam and Eindhoven. We urge all Reds to check if you arranged your flight with them or not.

This ban does not apply to Corendon or Flyair who also budget carriers and fly from the Netherlands.

Today: The German Federal Office of Aviation followed the Dutch and have banned Onur Air arriving at German airports.

Source (in German):

Onur-Flugverbot: Reiseveranstalter stellen Ersatzflüge bereit (11:51)

Das Landeverbot für die türkische Charterfluggesellschaft Onur-Air hat auch für deutsche Urlauber Konsequenzen.

Reiseveranstalter, die für ihre Kunden Plätze in Onur-Air-Maschinen gebucht hatten, suchen nun nach Ersatzflügen. Allein am Pfingstwochenende sind mehr als 1500 Passagiere betroffen. Die Unternehmen wiesen darauf hin, dass es durch die Umbuchungen zu geänderten Flugzeiten kommen kann.

Gestern hatte das Luftfahrtbundesamt der Onur-Air verboten, deutsche Flughäfen anzusteuern. Grund seien Sicherheitsbedenken.

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Rest of Europe: as far as we are aware this does not apply to any other countries yet. One of the Lonsdale packages (package A) is flying with Onur Air. Contact Lonsdale on 0870 1281133 if you have any concerns. Airtrack are also using Onur Air for one of their packages - contact them on 01895 810 810. We are unaware at this stage if Barnes are using Onur Air as a carrier. Flight Options have contacted us and they have confirmed they are NOT using Onur Air for any of their flights.

We recommend that anyone travelling independently and flying with Onur Air  contact the airline as soon as possible to clarify the situation, or if booked through a travel agent or online flight seller to contact them immediately for advice.

We'll update you if we receive any further information.

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