Walk Round Anfield Table. Liverpool 4-1 Chelsea.

Posted by Hinesy on May 8, 2012, 10:08:31 PM

Well what a difference 120 makes.
5:15pm last Saturday, the world of football punditry says Kenny should start with Bellamy, Suarez and leave Andy Carroll on the bench.
7.15pm Why didn't Kenny play Carroll from the start etc etc

Andy gets a song tonight, there's only one Andy Carroll. Thank fuck there is. At that price anyway.
But all this chat about whether Luis and Andy Carroll can play together is bollocks. They demonstrated clearly they can. And he showed how good he can be perhaps...s

If only says Souness on the tv, and I'd agree. If only is the catch phrase that hangs over supporters to their death, and we suffered from it all season. Tonight, the joy of beating the plastic johnny come latelys is tempered by the frustration why couldn't, didn't we play like that before.

Anyway, there was good and bad and unusual. Why Kenny has finally decided to try Henderson in the middle where he's eminently more comfortable, I care not, it seems to work and its better and I like him there. Downing isn't shit, he's a good player but someone in our side had to hit the woodwork and it was his turn tonight. He is frustratingly poor at times but I think we don't have anything like him at his best (nor thankfully many like him at his worst ha ah thank ewe...).

Pepe's save was wonderful and clawed from mid air and he had every right to celebrate fiercely afterwards.

Its not the end of term report but it is the end of playing at Anfield this year. Get the curse lifters out in force and sort it out before the 1st August when the 46th qualifying round for the Europa League Cup starts.

Do you know what, its like Janus, the two faced god.
One way: we got silverware, reached another final, got back into Europe and played some free flowing football.
T'other way: fucking woodwork and apathy.

Trot on merrily.

PS Luis' daughter won't trouble the beauty pages in the near future but she was very cute waving at her dad's command to all and sundry on the walk round.

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