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Posted by WOOLTONIAN on April 20, 2012, 09:34:27 AM

Watching Liverpool for 50 years I’ve had many heroes. That someone special that brings sunshine into your life, when all around is overcast and gloomy. It was on such a day that I first met Sid Ogwin.
Walking along the banks of the Rhine on the pre-season tour with my grand-daughter I notice a pay for view telescope pointing across the river. 1 Euro and you can look up and down the river at all the cargo and pleasure boats that makes the Rhine one of the busiest rivers in Europe. Euro in one hand and grand-daughter (Jasmine) in the other, we joined the queue. The man on the telescope seemed to be concentrating all his attention on what looked like a Bin-Barge, peculiar as at the time there was a magnificent 18th century sail ship right in front of the viewer. I suppose it takes all types I thought. Perhaps the lad was a bin man and fascinated to see his first ever bin barge. All his friends were stood around him and seemed to be enjoying themselves even more than the viewer. Photo’s were taken of the great voyeur studying his favourite vessel. As the magnificent sail ship sailed away I thought it seems silly now to waste my money I might as well buy Jasmine an ice cream instead. It was only as we were walking away I heard those dulcet tones that are unmistakeably SCOUSE, “Let’s find a pub”.  I’m not sure whether it was the familiar accent or the brilliant idea that made me froze in my tracks, but either way Jasmine’s ice cream was now on hold.
“Do you fancy a coke and some crisps” ? I ventured to my little princess, a big smile confirmed our new destination had been selected. We followed the voyeur and his crew along the river until one of the lads suggested the pub was up the next road on the left. Not knowing the area well we decided to follow them up the road and into the pub. A beer, a song, a beer, a song and many beers later I approached the great voyeur and started up a conversation. It became apparent very quickly that this was a man who knew so much about Liverpool Football Club, he put my knowledge to shame. He strolled through the 90’s, 80’s and 70’s great matches with ease. He entered into the 60’s and 50’s with mind blowing accuracy. This was a man who I could gladly listen to. He described games that I struggled to remember. He brought back memories that had been long forgotten. This man was an absolute fountain of knowledge. It was then that I asked him the most embarrassing questions, that will live with me forever.
Did you ever see the great Billy Liddell play ? “No” he said
Did you ever see Hunt and St John play ? “No” he said
What about Tosh and Keegan ? “No”
King Kenny ? “No”
Rush ? “No”
Fowler ? Owen ? “No neither, I’ve never actually seen any of them play”
I had the most confused look on my face as he dropped the ‘Bombshell’ I’m Blind !
Here was a man who had been going to games across 6 decades. Home Away Europe and even pre-season tours.
The memory of him looking across the river came back to me, but…. but….. I saw you looking through the telescope, “the lads like a good laugh” he said.
I was gobsmacked, he was laughing his head off as were all the assembled around him.
In the space of seconds I went from admiration to hero worship. If anyone was worthy of the title ‘HERO’ it was Sid. His knowledge is worthy of a degree.  His humour is worthy of any stage, but what clinched it for me was his humility. He doesn’t think he has done anything special. He would probably be highly embarrassed to be considered fan of the month, let alone fan of the year.
It is for this reason I would ask you kindly to take a minute and vote for SID OGWIN on the following link

Thank you Sid for bringing a ray of sunshine into our lives.
Lots of Love, Best wishes and Good Luck
Karl & Jasmine

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