Round Table Newcastle 2-0 Liverpool

Posted by royhendo on April 1, 2012, 07:49:12 PM

So, Flanno can play a bit eh?

Stood in the clouds behind that goal, all I can say is that, at half time, I felt we had scope to run Gutierrez ragged down that flank and win the game, despite the half-assed contributions from some players in the first half.

But of course we moved Bellamy away from the slot that was asking that particular question, and we, well... what did we do exactly, other than contain ourselves as a unit and allow them to counter effectively?

Pepe's red mist is a massive problem, obviously... but let's not ignore the pachyderm in the pavilion. We have massive problems, and they appear to be motivational and tactical, do they not. There are issues with the scouting and the values paid for players, granted, but despite them being a good side, we never even turned up today. What gives?

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