PREVIEW: Liverpool FC vs QPR. Carra's Last Stand. A Liverpool son's view

Posted by Harinder on May 14, 2013, 09:58:09 PM

Dad, if we win, sorry dad when we win, can I come out on the pitch please with you? I’ve only known this club from the time I’ve been born and I’ve seen you at all the matches. I think mum made me watch them too when I was in the belly and what not on your big telly but I’ve loved all the times I’ve seen you at Anfield. It’s been boss Dad so please. Please. Please?

When you played your 500th match I was the mascot. I was only little but I remember it like yesterday. I looked around me and took in sights they’ll never see. The spirit of many who graced the pitch at Anfield shimmered in the night and I felt every one of them looking back at me. It was hard to look at them for long as I only wanted to see you. My giant. My hero. They call you Jamie Carragher. I call you Dad.

I couldn’t even reach the top of your legs then. I was too small but I was nearly there. Mum still laughs about that now but I know she’s only teasing. I think she forced me to wear someone else's name on my back but that top was flushed down the toilet a few years back (sorry about the plumbers bill). It was such an immense feeling Dad. We won I think 5-0 or something like that. That Uncle Stevie even felt like getting a hattrick. That was nice but it wasn’t the best bit. The best bit was walking with you and your guard of honour. I’m sure I saw these 2 old men smiling down too. They have their names at the gates and one of them has a statue outside the shop too. Grandad’s told me all about them… then again you’ve told me about them every night for so long I feel I’ll know them for a very long time to come.

You’ve seen it all Dad. Mum’s told you won things all the way back in 1996. Not sure what the world look liked then, I guess you couldn’t even text someone that you’d won. Grandad once showed me a payphone but I don’t think I’d ever use one. Did you know then what you’d achieve over the next 17 years? Did you dream like I do at night thinking of the glory yet to come? I sometimes think back to everything you’ve shown me. From how to lace a boot through to taking me to the Academy. From what a club like Liverpool has done for a Bootle boy like you and what it could one day mean for me to be like you. For me to step out in front of the Kop and hear the roar.

Hopefully you won’t be too far behind me when that happens!

When you won your first medal with Liverpool did you feel there were more to come? Even in that same year? How could you explain the emotions of such a feat? Not once but 3 times in that season alone! I live for days like that Dad. I have this feeling inside me that you do too.

Mum once took me to the trophies and medals bit in the house when I was little. You weren’t around. She said I couldn’t touch them in case something fell or broke. I’d never have done that though Dad I promise. I wouldn’t want to be the one telling you that I’d damaged those treasures. I know you wouldn’t get mad at me but I just wouldn’t want to break your heart. Every day I’ve seen you get up and be in a regime training harder and harder. Nan says you do it because you love it. I think you do it because you care. You know what every fan goes through as you’ve been in their shoes. You’ve been there when there has been lows that our city was subjected to and people said we’d never come back. You’ve been there when the highs have carried us to hell and back. There’s a Polish fella I hear about too. He says you’re the fastest runner from the centre line when we win.

You’ve been there whenever I’ve needed you. I know I’m lucky. Some kids don’t get that even when their Dad is around. We know you love us. And them fans too!

One day Dad I’m going to do things for Liverpool FC. I wish with every bone in my body that I can. Be brave when others show fear all around you and a leader when the cowards have all run away. A player that everyone can hold their head up high and sing about. A man that all come to admire. I want to be there for the people of Liverpool when they need us and for the fans from far and wide. I forever wish Dad that I, your son, can be like you.

So many have come and gone since you’ve been there. Managers, Players, Friends and Enemies. I bet next year you’ll even be sitting next to an old foe. Just remind him he’ll always be a Manc to many of us. But hey Dad, today, when we win and you’ve told me we will, can I please please please come on the pitch with you? I’ll then get to feel that sliver of glory that every fan longs for.

EDIT: Thanks Dad. I wrote this for you. You did this for me. I held that cup and I just knew. It helped there was a King next to me. I felt like the heir to a very big throne... yours!

Some fella on that Internet says it’s your last game for Liverpool. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing. It doesn’t matter who else plays with you in the team. All that matters is what you’ve done for us because, after all, we’ve dreamt of a whole team of you.

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