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March 2017

Titi's Burnley Preview by Hinesy

February 2017

Round Table: Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 by Corkboy

December 2016

Stoke preview 27th Dec. The day when you go out to look for non turkey based foo by Hinesy

Roundtable: "When the Emotions are Paladean": Blues 0 Reds 1 by Yorkykopite

September 2016

MOVED: Dings can only get better by Hinesy

Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool: Above (and below us)…Sky by E2K

L'pool v Leicester (the champions) - Square Puffy Cushion by MOOBS

August 2016

Round Table: Tottenham 1 Reds 1 by Yorkykopite

Round Table: Arsenal 3 Liverpool 4 by Yorkykopite

Internal Spyin' Kop - 2016/2017 Season Preview by Titi Camara

July 2016

MOVED: Emile Heskey by SP

June 2016

HR season review 2015/6. Rodgers, Klopp, finals, weddings, let downs, justice by Hellrazor

Internal Spyin' Kop: The season past by Hinesy

May 2016

'Liverpool FC: A Difficult Decade' or Reasons to be Cheerful - 1, 2, 3. by JerseyKloppite

2015/16- A Season in Review by alonsoisared

Internal Spyin' Kop - End of Season Review by archie

UEFA Cup Final Round Table. Liverpool 1 Sevilla 3 by Yorkykopite

RAWK Preview: Europa League Final. by Hinesy

Rawk Round Table: Liverpool 3-0 Villarral (3-1 agg) by Hinesy

RAWK Preview: Liverpool v Watford Sunday by Hinesy

RAWK Match Preview: semi final return leg by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table Swansea 3-1 Liverpool by Hinesy

Round Table Swansea 3-1 Liverpool by Hinesy

April 2016

Europa League Preview Villareal v Liverpool by Hinesy

RAWK Statement on the Hillsborough Inquest Verdicts by RAWK Editor

Hillsborough Verdict Day: by Hinesy

Hillsborough Verdict Day: by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table Liverpool 4-0 Everton by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table Liverpool 4-3 Borussia Dortmund by Hinesy

Roundtable - Liverpool 4-3 Borussia Dortmund by Yorkykopite

Round Table Liverpool 1-1 Spurs by Hinesy

Round Table LFC 1-1 THFC by Hinesy

March 2016

Spyin' Klopp: Dortmund fans have their say: by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table Southampton 3-2 LFC by BabuYagu

RAWK Round Table MUFC 1-1 LFC (Agg 1-3) Europa League by Hinesy

Crystal Palace Preview 6th March 1:30pm kick off. by Hinesy

Round Table LFC 3-0 Manchester City by Hinesy

February 2016

Round Table: League Cup Final. by Hinesy

League Cup Final Preview by Hinesy

FC Augsberg Preview by Hinesy

Round Table Aston Villa 0-6 LFC by Hinesy

RIP Ewok by Hinesy

Round Table: Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2 by redmark

You'll never walk (out) alone by Hinesy

January 2016

Round Table: Norwich 4 Liverpool 5 by Corkboy

Round Table: Liverpool 0 Manchester Utd 1 by Corkboy

Round Table: Liverpool 3 Arsenal 3 by Corkboy

December 2015

Round Table: Liverpool 1 - 0 Leicester by John C

Advent Calendar Day 24: Heart of Midlothian 0 - 1 Liverpool by MichaelA

Advent Calendar - Day 21. Coventry City 1 Liverpool 6 (Six), 5th May 1990 by Yorkykopite

Round Table: Watford 3 Liverpool 0 by Corkboy

Watford Preview by Hinesy

RAWK Advent Calender - Day 15 - Southampton 0-3 Liverpool 1/3/14 by Welshred

RAWK Advent Calendar #13 LFC v Southampton 1999 by Hinesy

RAWK Advent Calendar day 7: Goodison in the olden days by John C

Here's our match preview of Newcastle v Liverpool by Hinesy

Round Table: Southampton 1 - Liverpool SIX. Everybody's talking about us. by Jaron

RAWK Advent Calendar #4. WahOOey's trip away. by Hinesy

RAWK Advent Calendar 2015 Day 3 - Dortmund Dreams (UEFA Cup Final 2001) by Jaron

Advent Calendar Day 2 - Norwich 2 v 5 Liverpool 29/09/2012 by JerseyKloppite

November 2015

Capital One Cup Southampton v LFC Preview by Hinesy

RAWK Advent Calendar 2015 Day 1 - The King and I by Harinder

LFC v Swansea Preview by Hinesy

Round Table: Pelé Granny´s Man City 1 - Klopp´s Liverpool 4 by BabuYagu

Man City preview by Hinesy

Round Table, Liverpool 1-2 Crystal Palace - Klopp's first defeat at LFC by -Daws-

Round Table: Rubin Kazan 0 - Klopp's Liverpool 1 by BabuYagu

Match Preview Crystal Palace by Hinesy

Round Table: Hosepipe´s Chelsea 1 - Klopp´s Liverpool 3 by BabuYagu

October 2015

Wonderful match preview of the Chelsea game by Hinesy

Round Table LFC 1-1 Southampton by Hinesy

RAWK Welcomes Herr Klopp by Hinesy

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Brendan's round table cheerio. by Hinesy

RAWK Q&A - Rodgers, Leadership & Tactics by Titi Camara

September 2015

Scion match preview by Hinesy

LFC 1-1 Norwich Round Table by Hinesy

Re: Steven Gerrard's Serialised Book -A Fan's Perspective- by E2K

Macca's Utd preview by Hinesy

August 2015

No longer Big Sam's West 'Am's West Ham preview by Hinesy

July 2015

In Celebration of Lucas Leiva by Hazell

June 2015

Round table: Firmino the next piece in the puzzle by DanA

May 2015

End of season round table debate (*) by Hinesy

Phase of Play's Rule of Thirds by Hinesy

April 2015

Re-writing History, A Look to the Not So Distant Past by alonsoisared

Spyin Kop West Brom v Liverpool Saturday 25th April 3pm by leivapool

February 2015

Round Table Liverpool 3-2 Tottenham Hotspur by Hinesy

January 2015

Round Table: Liverpool 2 vs Leicester 2 by DanA

December 2014

Round Table: Burnley 0 v Liverpool 1 by Corkboy

RAWK Advent calendar #25: Gary McAllister vs. Everton, 16th April 2001 by Mummy Spartacus (Mrs)

Spyin Kop - Burnley vs. Liverpool - Friday 26th December - 3:00pm by Titi Camara

Round Table: Man Utd 3 v Liverpool 0 by Corkboy

RAWK Advent Calendar #20: Sami Hyypiä v Arsenal - CL Q-Final, April 8th 2008 by Phil M

Round Table: Liverpool 1 Basle 1 by Corkboy

RAWK Advent Calender 2014 #8 Gerrard vs Fulham 2014 by archie

RAWK Advent Calendar #11 Michael Owen (2nd) v Arsenal FA Cup 2001 by Hinesy

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #9 - Sami Hyypiä 20/3/2004 by John C

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 - Favourite Goals by MichaelA

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #6 - Paul Ince v Blackburn, Nov '98 by Lfsea

Leicester vs. Liverpool vs. Lee Mason [Round-table discussion] by Aristotle

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #24 - Paris '81 by Maggie May

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #22 - Fabio Aurelio vs Manchester United 2009 by Aristotle

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #10 - Robbie Fowler (2nd) vs Newcastle United 1997 by JerseyKloppite

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #3 - Robbie Fowler vs Birmingham City 2001 by Acton Nick

November 2014

Round Table: Liverpool 1 Stoke 0 by Corkboy

RAWK Advent Calendar - #7 - Daniel Agger vs Chelsea 2007 by Degs

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #1 - Luis Garcia versus Bayer Leverkusen Feb 22nd 2005 by Harinder

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #2 - Neil Mellor vs Arsenal, Nov 2004 by Hellrazor

Round Table - Palace v Liverpool by JerseyKloppite

Internal Spyin Kop - Man Utd vs. Liverpool - Sun 14th December - 1:30pm by Titi Camara

RAWK Advent Calendar 2014 #4 - Emile Heskey versus AS Roma March 2002 by MichaelA

Round Table Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea by Hinesy

Round Table Real Madrid 1-0 Liverpool CL Group Stage. by Hinesy

Done by Pardew [Newcastle 1 - 0 Liverpool round table] by Aristotle

October 2014

Spyin' Kop - Real Madrid vs Liverpool - Tuesday 4th November 2014 - 19:45 by Titi Camara

Spyin' Kop - QPR vs Liverpool Sun 19 Oct 2014 13:30 by Titi Camara

Round Table: Liverpool 2 WBA 1 by Corkboy

Spyin' Kop Basel v Liverpool by DutchRed

September 2014

Round Table: West Ham 3 v Liverpool 1 by Corkboy

Round Table: Liverpool 2 Ludgorets 1 by Corkboy

Round Table: Liverpool 0 Aston Villa 1 by Corkboy

E2K's wonderful piece on Hodgson and England: by Hinesy

August 2014

Round Table: Spurs 0 v Liverpool 3 by Corkboy

Letter to Mario. by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table: LFC 2-1 Southampton by Hinesy

Pre Season Internal Spyin'Kop by Hinesy

Fanxxxxtastic aka Tracy by Hinesy

July 2014

Review: I Don't Know What it is but I love it- Tony Evans by The 92A

Today.... by Hinesy

May 2014

Lovely Season Review by Hellrazor by Hinesy

What we have witnessed this season, now onto 2014-15. Liverpool FC 2 - Toons 1 by Harinder

Round Table: Liverpool 2 Newcastle United 1 by Corkboy

RAWK's Round Table Season's review. by Hinesy

My eyes bore witness. Crystal Palace 3-Liverpool FC 3. Dazed. Confused. Onwards by Harinder

Round Table: Crystal Palace 3 Liverpool 3 by Corkboy

Archie's Crystal Pulis er Palace Spyin' Kop by Hinesy

April 2014

What RAWK thought of the weekend clash with Chelsea. by Hinesy

Harinder's Norwich Eyewitness Report. by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table NCFC 2-3 LFC by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table LFC 3-2 MCFC by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table WHFC 1-2 LFC by Hinesy

Eyewitness Report: West Ham United 1 - Liverpool FC 2 (Take that you Walrus!) by Harinder

Round Table: West Ham 1 Liverpool 2 by Corkboy

March 2014

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool FC 4 - Tottenham Hotspur 0 (For Timoffy) by Harinder

Round Table: Liverpool 4 v Spurs 0 by Corkboy

RAWK Round Table: Liverpool 2-1 Sunderland by E2K

The Alternate Preview: Fackin' Tim Talks abarrt Spursh (I then talk about LFC!) by Harinder

Eye witness report. Cardiff City 3 - Liverpool FC 6. Cry Ole, Cry! by Harinder

Round Table: Cardiff 3 Liverpool 6 by Corkboy

Eye Witness Report: Manchester United 0 - Liverpool FC 3. by Harinder

RAWK Round Table Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool by Hinesy

Two Paths Diverged on an Anfield Road by PhaseOfPlay

RAWK Round Table: Southampton 0-3 Liverpool by E2K

February 2014

R I P Tom Smith - A true friend of Liverpool Football Club by grahamlfc

RAWK Round Table: Liverpool 4-3 Swansea City by E2K

RAWK Round the FA Cup Table AFC 2-1 LFC by Hinesy

Re: RAWK Round Table FFC 2-3 LFC by archie

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool FC 5 - Arsenal (humiliated) 1 by Harinder

RAWK Round Table LFC 5-1 AFC by Hinesy

January 2014

RAWK Round Table LFC 4-0 EFC by Mr Dilkington

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool FC 4 - Everton 0 (DVD out next week for Toffees!) by Harinder

RAWK Roundtable. Bournemouth (and Boscombe) 0-2 Liverpool by Hinesy

Round Table: Liverpool 2 V Aston Villa 2 by Corkboy

RAWK Round Table SCFC 3-5 LFC by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table Liverpool 2-0 Balloon Head City Tigers by Hinesy

December 2013

RAWK Round Table Man City 2-1 Liverpool by Hinesy

RAWK Advent Calendar Christmas Day. Istanbul: 2 writers' take. by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table LFC 3-1 CCFC by Hinesy

PhaseOfPlay on Spurs 0-5 Liverpool by PhaseOfPlay

Rawk round table THFC 0-5 LFC by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table LFC 4-1 WHFC by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table LFC 5-1 NCFC by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table Hull City AFC 3-1 LFC by Hinesy

November 2013

Spyin Kop - Hull City vs. Liverpool - 14:05 Sunday 1st December by Titi Camara

Spyin' Kop: Everton v Liverpool by Corkboy

Everton v Liverpool Preview (November 23 2013, Goodison Park, 12.45) by PhaseOfPlay

Rawk round table LFC 4-0 v FFC by Hinesy

RAWK Round Table. AFC 2-0 LFC by Hinesy

October 2013

Arsenal Spyin Kop (Long) by archie

WBA (H) Round Table by Veinticinco de Mayo

Spyin Kop - Liverpool v West Brom 15:00 Saturday 26th October by Titi Camara

RAWK Round Table Liverpool 3-1 Crystal Palace. by Hinesy

Spyin' Kop: LFC v Crystal Palace. Sat 5th Oct. 15:00 by Hinesy

Spyin Kop - Liverpool v Crystal Palace Saturday 05th October by thew

RAWK Preview: Liverpool v Crystal Palace Saturday 5th K.O.15:00 by Number 7

September 2013

RAWK Round Table: Sunderland 1-3 Liverpool by Hinesy

Round Table Manchester Utd 1-0 LFC. League Cup by Hinesy

RAWK Preview: Sunderland v Liverpool Sunday 29th K.O.16:00 by Hinesy

Round Table LFC 0-1 Southampton. by Hinesy

Round table Swansea 2-2 LFC by Hinesy

RAWK Eye Witness: LFC v Utd: The one where you stand up for the whole match. by Hinesy

SHANKLY 100 - The RAWK interview with David Peace, author of 'Red or Dead' by Yorkykopite

Round Table LFC 1-0 Man Utd. chortle. by Hinesy

August 2013

#SHANKLY100 - "There's no-one quite like granddad!" by 24/7

RAWK Preview: Liverpool FC vs Manchester United (Sun 1st Sept, 1.30pm) by Harinder

Round Table Aston Villa 0 - Liverpool 1 by archie

Rawk Preview: Aston Villa v Liverpool, Saturday 24th August by Corkboy

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool 1 - Stoke City 0 (eeeeyessss!!!!) by Harinder

RAWK Round Table Liverpool 1-0 Stoke. by Hinesy

From Shanks to Socialism to Suarez. More than a 100 years apart. #SHANKLY100 by Hinesy

RAWK Preview Liverpool v Stoke City 12:45pm August 17th by Hinesy

Jonnowhite's article on Shankly. #Shankly100 by Hinesy

MichaelA's excellent review of David Peace's new book. by Hinesy

A Pot Of Tea And A Spoonful Of Magic #Shankly100 by royhendo

July 2013

#SHANKLY100 - David Peace: 'Red or Dead' - The RAWK Review by MichaelA

Breakfast Percy on burning shirts.. by Hinesy

May 2013

RAWK Summer Series III: Breakfast Percy's 2012/13 Season Review by BreakfastPercy

RAWK Reviews #2 - Season 1994-95 by Acton Nick

#1 in a Summer Series: RAWK Reviews - Season 1999-2000 by ashleyrose-66

Rhi's Carra's Career in Banners. by Hinesy

Round Table: LFC 1-0 QPR. by Hinesy

PREVIEW: Liverpool FC vs QPR. Carra's Last Stand. A Liverpool son's view by Harinder

Round Table - Fulham 1-3 Liverpool by royhendo

Spyin' Kop: Fulham Liverpool 12 May 2013 by Corkboy

PREVIEW: Fulham v Liverpool - Sunday 12 May - 15.00 k/o by ashleyrose-66

Liverpool FC vs Everton. The Preview. Sun 5th May 1.30 pm (Home) by Harinder

Liverpool v Everton Spyin' Kop - Carra's Last Stand by macca888

April 2013

Newcastle Spyin Kop - Keep yer shirt in Pards by archie

Newcastle vs. Liverpool - 27th April 5:30pm - Something for the weekend Sir? by Titi Camara

Spyin' Kop: Liverpool v Chelsea - Sunday 21st April 2013 by Sarah Deane

The Round and Round and Round the Table we go, Reading's Goalie 0. by Hinesy

Spyin' Kop - Reading vs Liverpool by StevenLFC

Preview: Reading FC v Liverpool FC (Sat 13th April, 3pm) by Harinder

Liverpool v West Ham - Round the Scoreless Table by StevenLFC

Spyin' Kop - Fat Sam's West Ham Speakeasy by JerseyKloppite

March 2013

Preview: Liverpool v West Ham - Sunday 7th April by StevenLFC

Spyin' Kop - Aston Villa v Liverpool by macca888

Preview: Villa v Liverpool - Sunday 31st March, KO 13.30 by Yorkykopite

Southampton Round Table by Veinticinco de Mayo

Southampton V Liverpool 16th March 15:00 KO Shortish Preview. by Hinesy

Eye Witness Report: Liverpool FC 3 - Tottenham Hotspur 2 by Harinder

Round Table - Liverpool v Spurs by royhendo

Wigan's Post Plop Flush - Another Dave Whelan Exclusive by Harinder

Preview: Liverpool FC vs Tottenham Hotspur (Mothering Sunday 10th Mar, 4pm) by Harinder

Round Table: Wigan v Liverpool by royhendo

February 2013

Preview: Wigan Athletic v Liverpool. Saturday 2nd March 2013 by StevenLFC

We had dreams and songs to sing. Match report from the Zenit match. by JoakimD

Spyin' Spurs Kop. by Hinesy

It's not over till its over - Zenit's time to hold your head high by Veinticinco de Mayo

Round Table - Liverpool v Zenit St Petersburg by royhendo

Preview and call to arms : LFC vs Zenit St. Petersburg (Thurs 21st Feb, 8.05pm) by Harinder

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool 5 - Swansea City 0 (and a rainbow for free!) by Harinder

Liverpool 5 - 0 Swansea Round Table by Hinesy

Zenit v Liverpool "You're gonna need a bigger coat" by RedRedTom

Please read - thanks by PhaseOfPlay

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Swansea City - 17th February 2013 by royhendo

Preview: Liverpool FC vs Swansea City (Sun 17th Feb, 3pm) by Harinder

Liverpool 0-2 West Brom - Round Table by Mr Dilkington

Systems - Rotation Rotation Rotation by royhendo

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v West Brom - 11th February 2013 by StevenLFC

L6's note on Carragher's retirement announcement. by Hinesy

In defence of the revolution by guest

This week on RAWK. by RAWK Editor

RAWK preview - Liverpool v West Bromwich Albion 11 Feb 20:00 by royhendo

Round Table: Man City v Liverpool: Scapegoats Paradise by Corkboy

The hard work starts now for Henderson by guest

Systems - Mindgames by BreakfastPercy

Spyin' Kop - Man City v Liverpool - 3rd Feb 2013 by StevenLFC

January 2013

Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool - Round Table by Mr Dilkington

Manchester City vs Liverpool FC. The Preview. Sun 3rd Feb, 4pm by Harinder

RAWK preview - Arsenal v Liverpool 30 Jan 19.45 by Yorkykopite

Through The Wind And The Rain - Oldham Daytripper Report by Veinticinco de Mayo

Oldham - bitterly cold, wet and miserable round table by Veinticinco de Mayo

Spyin' Kop Arsenal Away, 30th January by archie

Systems - The Pressing Question by PhaseOfPlay

Hindsight and Redemption by guest

Liverpool must stave off Suarez vultures by guest

Preview: Oldham Athletic v Liverpool - FA Cup 4th Round - 27/01 -k/o:16.00 by ashleyrose-66

Systems - Mobility of Position and the Disruption of Formations by PhaseOfPlay

Preview: Liverpool FC vs Norwich City (Sat 19th Jan, 3pm) by Harinder

Eyewitness Report: Manchester United 2 - Liverpool 1 (A record gone!) by Harinder

Man Utd Away - Round Table by Veinticinco de Mayo

Mind the gap by guest

Systems - Belief In Winning by Vulmea

Systems - Space, Time and the Principles of Play by PhaseOfPlay

Systems - Tactical Flexibility by Vulmea

Spyin' Kop - Man Utd v Liverpool - 13th Jan 2013, 1.30pm by royhendo

PREVIEW: Manchester United v Liverpool, Sunday January 13th 1.30pm by Phil M

Mansfield Town 1-2 Liverpool - Round Table by StevenLFC

Systems - the Goalie by royhendo

Spyin' Kop, Liverpool v Norwich Jan 19th 3pm by JerseyKloppite

MOVED: *Internal Spyin' Kop - Dan Kennett's Dashboard by royhendo

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool 3 - Sunderland 0 by Harinder

Round Table Discussion - Liverpool 3-0 Soonalan by royhendo

Spyin' Kop, Mansfield Town vs Liverpool 6th January 2013 by Hazell

Preview: Mansfield Town v Liverpool FC - FA Cup 3rd Rd - 06/01/13 - k/o:16.00 by ashleyrose-66

December 2012

Preview - Liverpool v Sunderland, 2nd Jan 7.45pm by archie

Eyewitness Report: Queens Park Rangers 0 - Liverpool 3 (Triffic!) by Harinder

Spyin' Kop: Liverpool v Sunderland, Wednesday 2nd January by Acton Nick

Round the Consistently Inconsistent Round Table - QPR 0 - 3 Liverpool by StevenLFC

The Back-Three Question by PhaseOfPlay

Focusing on Supporting Our Manager by The 92A

Liverpool's transfer policy by guest

That's the annual abomination away at Stoke over with, then - Round Table by Col

Spyin' Kop - QPR v LFC, 30th December by The 5th Benitle

Preview - QPR vs Liverpool, Sunday 30th December, 4pm by JerseyKloppite

LFC 4-0 Fulham Eyewitness Report by Hinesy

Round Table: Liverpool v Fulham by Corkboy

Brendan Talks To RAWK - December 21st 2012 by Sarah Deane

Stoke City vs Liverpool FC. The Preview. Wed 26th Dec (Away) by Harinder

My Favourite player #21 - Lucas Leiva by BreakfastPercy

Eyewitness Report - Liverpool 1-3 Villa by Yorkykopite

Rotation and Squad Management: Are We Doing Enough? by rafathegaffa83

Villa Round Table - Or Clubs You Hate by Veinticinco de Mayo

Preview: Liverpool FC v Fulham FC - 22 December 2012 - k/o: 17.30 by ashleyrose-66

Deg's Villa Preview by Hinesy

Spyin' Kop and a half: Liverpool vs Aston Villa. Sat 15th Dec 3pm by Harinder

Preview: Liverpool v Aston Villa, Sat15th December 15.00 KO by Degs

Round Table Discussion - WHAM! 2-3 Liverpool by royhendo

Harinder's West Ham Preview. by Hinesy

Round Table: Udinese v Liverpool by royhendo

Spyin' Kop, West Ham (A), 9th December 2012 by Hazell

West Ham United vs Liverpool FC. The Preview. Sun 9th Dec (Away) by Harinder

Udinese Preview from Ashley Rose by Hinesy

LFC EW Match Report - Anfield - 1-12-12 - Swansea (sic) ( he means Sarf'ampton) by Veinticinco de Mayo

Round Table: Liverpool 1 - 0 Southampton by BabuYagu

November 2012

Preview: Udinese Calcio v Liverpool FC Europa League – Thursday 6/12 1800 KO by ashleyrose-66

Liverpool v Southampton Preview by LFsea by Hinesy

Liverpool v Southampton - Premier League Preview. by Lfsea

Eyewitness Report: Tottenham Hotspur 2 - Liverpool 1 by Harinder

Round Table: Spurs 2-1 Liverpool by BabuYagu

Yorkykopite's Spurs Preview by Hinesy

Match Preview. Tottenham v Liverpool - Weds 28 Nov 19.45 by Yorkykopite

Round Table: Swansea 0-0 Liverpool by Mr Dilkington

Spyin' Kop - Swansea City v Liverpool 25/11/12 by StevenLFC

Preview Swansea City v Liverpool - Sun 25th November 1.30pm by royhendo

Round Table Discussion - Young Boys by royhendo

MOTD & The Emancipation Of Enrique by BreakfastPercy

Internal Spyin' Kop: Jake and Stevens LFC v Young Boys pre:chatter by Le Jake

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool 3 - Wigan 0 (Dave Whelan's mouth - Shut!) by Harinder

Round Table: Liverpool 3 - 0 Wigan by Aristotle

My Favourite Player #8 - Steven Gerrard by Danyaals Kop

Preview Liverpool v Wigan. Sat 17th November 3pm. by Hinesy

Spyin' Kop - Wigan v Liverpool - Saturday 17th November by Rushian

Luis Suarez: I've found God by BreakfastPercy

Preview: Liverpool v Wigan - Saturday 17 November 15:00 by Le Jake

An ode to Steven Gerrard by guest

Spyin' Kop - Wigan v Liverpool - Saturday 17th November by StevenLFC

Chelsea Away - Away Day Report by Luke 17

Looking backwards, moving forwards by guest

Round Table: Chelsea 1 V Liverpool 1 by Corkboy

Its not Benidorm - Anzhi away Eyewitness Report by john_mac

Chelsea just about football, despite pontifications by guest

Round Table Discussion - Anzhi v Liverpool by royhendo

Spyin' Kop - Chelsea v Liverpool - Sunday 11th November by StevenLFC

FC Anzhi Makhachkala v Liverpool FC – Thursday 8th November – k/o: 17.00 by ashleyrose-66

Preview: Chelsea v Liverpool - Sunday 11th November 16:00 by Le Jake

Round Table Discussion - Liverpool 1-1 Newcastle United by royhendo

Cpt_Reina and I had a blether by Mr Dilkington

Words of summer haunt Liverpool on Halloween by guest

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Newcastle United - 4/11/12 by StevenLFC

October 2012

Round Table discussion: Liverpool v Swansea in the Capital One Cup by BabuYagu

Shifting CEO standards? Coco the Clown vs Easy Rider by rossipersempre

Preview: Liverpool v Newcastle, Sunday 4th November 16.00 by Degs

Eyewitness Report: Everton 2 - Liverpool 2 (Robbed of the 3rd) by Harinder

Rodgers & The Merseyside Derby by Garstonite

Everton 2-2 Liverpool: Round Table discussion by The 5th Benitle

Cutting from the same cloth - thoughts about the future by Aristotle

Fly the Flag? It takes two to make everything go right... by Harinder

We had the best midfield in the world - what now? by guest

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool 1 - Anji 0 by Harinder

Round Table: Liverpool V FC Anzhi by Corkboy

Preview: Liverpool FC v Swansea City, Capital One Cup 4th Round, 31st Oct, 20.00 by ashleyrose-66

Preview - Everton v Liverpool - Sun 28 Oct 2012, 13:30 by royhendo

Spyin' Kop - Everton v Liverpool - 28/10/12 by StevenLFC

Sinful Anfield prepares for Anzhi by guest

Why I'm hopeful by Mr Dilkington

Round Table: Liverpool 1 Reading 0 by Garstonite

Rodgers with point to prove as fate faces him with Reading by guest

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Reading - 20 Oct 2012, 15:00 by royhendo

Jonjo - if the cap fits, wear it by guest

Lucas Leiva Talks to RAWK (and others....) - Melwood - 12th October 2012 by Sarah Deane

Suarez and the carnivorous canis lupus by guest

Eyewitness Liverpool 0-0 Stoke City by Hinesy

Round Table: Liverpool 0-0 Stoke City by The 5th Benitle

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool vs. Stoke City - Sunday 7th October by StevenLFC

Eyewitness Report: Liverpool 2 Udinese 3 by Garstonite

Udinese Round Table by Veinticinco de Mayo

Domination - the Dirty Work is Paying Off by royhendo


September 2012

Norwich Away - Being bitten by the bug. by rakey_lfc

Liverpool vs Udinese preview by Mr Dilkington

Pass and move, pass and move, it's the Liverpool groove - Norwich Round Table by Col

West Brom 1 Liverpool 2 - Post Match Spyin' Kop by StevenLFC

Progress finally quantified at Hawthorns by guest

WBA (A) - Road Trip! by Rhi

The Kids Are Alright - The West Bromwich C1 Cup Round Table by Veinticinco de Mayo

Rodgers the man of the moment by guest

Liverpool vs Man United: Eye witness report by Mr Dilkington

Spyin' Kop - West Brom v Liverpool - 26/9/12 - Capital One Cup by StevenLFC

Round Table Discussion - Liverpool 1-2 Man Utd by royhendo

Young Boys - Euro-Tripper Report by john_mac

Mindless few must not shift focus on justice by guest

United in Loss by PhilScraton

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Manchester United - Sun 23 Sep 13:30 by royhendo

Round Table Discussion - Young Boys 3-5 Liverpool by royhendo

Stop being mean about Borini by guest

The Taste of Tears by WOOLTONIAN

Preview: West Bromwich Albion V Liverpool 26 September by Corkboy

MATCH PREVIEW: Norwich Vs Liverpool 29 Sept 3.00pm by BabuYagu

Young talent can plug gaps by guest

Round Table Sunderland 1-1 LFC by Hinesy

From "The Liverpool Way" - Brendan Rodgers - It's All About The Style by Sarah Deane

Gerrard's future rests in the hands of Hodgson by guest

The Peter Principle by Degs

Getting On With It - Brendan Talks to RAWK by Sarah Deane

Henry's open letter gives mixed messages by guest

Re: John Henry's open letter to fans by Hij

LFC need stability more than any striker by guest

Liverpool 0 Arsenal 2: Eyewitness Report by Garstonite

Round Table Discussion - Liverpool 0-2 Arsenal by royhendo

August 2012

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Arsenal Sunday 2nd September 2012 13:30 by royhendo

Liverpool 1 Hearts 1 (2-1agg) Eye Witness Report by Veinticinco de Mayo

Round Table: Liverpool 1 (2)- Hearts 1 Europa League QF. by Hinesy

Liverpool v Arsenal, Premier League 2.9.12 Preview by Yorkykopite

Lucas injury is a blow, but not a fatal one by guest

Suárez and referees by E2K

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Heart Of Midlothian - 30th August 2012, 20:05 by royhendo

Split second decision does little to dampen spirits by guest

No fooling LFC’s children of the revolution by Cpt_Reina

Liverpool vs Man City RAWK Eye Witness Match Report by The 92A

Round Table Liverpool 2 - 2 Man City by Hinesy

Reds look to fulfil Mancini's erratic prophecy by guest

Liverpool: A Modern Chronicle by BreakfastPercy

Grinding win shows Rodgers what he has in reserve by guest

Europa League Round Table: Hearts 0 - 1 Liverpool by Hinesy

The Europa League conundrum by guest

The pain of belief by J-Mc-

RAWK Round Table: WBA 3 - 0 Liverpool FC by Lfsea

LFC Support Pride Event While the FA do FA... by Rhi

Report - The coveted prize and the Brendan Rodgers footballing philosophy by jamieredders

Rodgers weaving new tapestry by guest

Round table - Liverpool 3-0 Gomel by royhendo

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July 2012

Brendan Rodgers: The Players Perspective by Mr Dilkington

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June 2012

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May 2012

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April 2012

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March 2012

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February 2012

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January 2012

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December 2011

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November 2011

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October 2011

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September 2011

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August 2011

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July 2011

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May 2011

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April 2011

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March 2011

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February 2011

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January 2011

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December 2010

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November 2010

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October 2010

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September 2010

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August 2010

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Reds U18 continue pre-season with a win over Cardiff by liverweb

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July 2010

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June 2010

LIVERPOOL 2010-2011 Pictures Thread by ShanksLegend

May 2010

The Last Voyage of the SS Liverpool by RAWK Editor

LFC chairman must deal with those causing the damage by Don Vito Corleone

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April 2010

Spyin' Kop: Liverpool v. Fulham Sun 11 April by Texas Reds Fan

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March 2010

Spirit Of Shankly - YOUR Union - Q&A by Garstonite

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. by Achmat

February 2010

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January 2010

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. by Achmat

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December 2009

Festive Spyin' Kop - Wolves Home by Phil M

We. by guest

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November 2009

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October 2009

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September 2009

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August 2009

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July 2009

Rafa and trusting him. by Rafas3leggedtable

Hello my friend, we meet again. by guest

The Mystery of Chessboxing by BazC

May 2009

LFC v Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Spyin' Kop. by Hinesy

Spyin’ Kop - West Bromwich Albion (A) - Sun 17th May 2009 by E2K

Oh Sami, Sami ... by Mark_P

April 2009

Spyin' Kop: Hull City v Liverpool, Saturday 25th April, 2009: by Terry de Niro

Pepe Reina and the Liverpool tradition by Yorkykopite

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March 2009

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February 2009

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Valencia to Madrid to Liverpool by Moped: in aid of Ray Of Hope by RAWK Editor

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January 2009

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December 2008

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November 2008

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October 2008

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We're all hypocrites, and we should be glad... by Hinesy

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September 2008

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August 2008

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July 2008

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June 2008

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May 2008

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April 2008

Spirit Of Shankly To Start Work On New Anfield by Spirit Of Shankly

19th Anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster by nige

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Reds reserves repeat first team Derby Double by liverweb

March 2008

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The last 19 years, some thoughts before I move.. by Hinesy

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Spyin' kop Liverpool v Newcastle, Saturday 8th March 2008: by Terry de Niro

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February 2008

An old codger's view on: Any Tom, DIC or Parry by WOOLTONIAN

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January 2008

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December 2007

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New stadium set to break technology barriers. by hoonin

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November 2007

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Spyin Kop Newcastle Away 24th November by Tiger Tony

Reds U18 slump to Man City by liverweb

Spyin' Kop - Liverpool vs Fulham, Sat 10th November 2007 by Tetti

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October 2007

Bossmag! by Armin

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Game Plan. What's Rafa's Vision? by Hinesy

Reds in Reserve - Liverpool 2 Newcastle United 1 by liverweb

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Spyin' Kop: Beşiktaş v Liverpool - Wednesday October 24th 2007 by andythecatuk

Spyin' Kop, Everton v Liverpool, Saturday 20th October 2007: by Terry de Niro

Liverpool 2 Tottenham 2 – Late Flurry fails to remove the bad taste by Barrettski

Spyin' Kop - L.F.C. v Tottenham Hotspur. by Hinesy

Reserves beaten by Sunderland in Warrington debut by liverweb

Spyin Kop : Marseille Home - European Cup Matchday 2 by FrenchRed

September 2007

Rafa an autocrat? Let's drop that and have a rethink eh? by royhendo

Spyin' Kop: Wigan Ath v Liverpool - 29th Sept 2007 by NickoH

The book of rotation - inspired scripture or apocrypha ? by a partridge in seat_5c

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Reds in reserve - Wigan 0 Liverpool 3 by liverweb

Spyin' Kop: FC Porto (Away) - 18th September 2007 by Slick_Beef

Group 'A' for 'Atmosphere' ? Part I - Porto - Late Bottled Vintage by nige

August 2007

Spyin' Kop: Derby County (Home) - 1st September 2007 by gramck24

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The Tipping Point by BazC

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A Message to you - Rupert. by nige

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July 2007

RAWK Scribes - Spyin' Kop - The summer of love. And beards. by Hinesy

June 2007

Personal highlights of a great European Season: the Top 10 of Friendship by nige

Hit Them In the Pocket - Boycott UEFA Sponsors by RAWK Editor

Steve Finnan: RAWK Player of the Season by Rushian

Independent LFC Fans' Survey by Rushian

May 2007

In Memoria e Amicizia by BCCC

The Buck Stops with UEFA. by Jo S

Athens Ticket Competition by blurred

Symphony Number Six? by Garstonite

What Will It Take This Time? by Rushian

Harry Must Play by Rushian

Season review 2006/07 Part II by Steve_M

Season review 2006/07 Part I by Steve_M

“Socrates was innocent” by WOOLTONIAN

A Tale Of Two Cities by MichaelA

Spyin' Kop: The European Cup Final - AC Milan by raptor

Ticket Protest: 1pm Sunday at The Sandon by Rushian

All we want is some clarity ... and a change of system by Rushian

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses by E2K


April 2007

Reds in Reserve: Liverpool 3-1 Everton by AdamS

Spyin' Kop: Portsmouth V Liverpool 28/04/07 by Ali J

Reds youth retain Cup by liverweb

Football Culture - supporting the HJC and Zoe's Place by Rushian

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18th Hillsborough Memorial Service by Mummy Spartacus (Mrs)

Happy Easter, Salaam, Shalom & why I came to Palestine not Eindhoven by nige

Spyin' Kop: Reading Away 07/04/07 by Ashfordian

Spyin' Kop - PSV v Liverpool - CL Quarter Final (1) by Henry Chinaski

March 2007

Spyin' Kop: Arsenal at Anfield - 31st March 2007 by gramck24

Guarding Against Complacency by Rushian

FA Youth Semi Final - Liverpool 3 Newcastle 1 by liverweb

SPYIN' KOP Aston Villa away 2007 by Mr Mojo Risin'

Spyin' Kop: Liverpool v FC Barcelona Tuesday 6th March 2007 by lurganboy

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February 2007

Liverpool 4 Sheffield United 0: The Launching of the 'SSA' by Garstonite

Did We Win, Or Did They Lose? Depends who you ask... by Rox

Spyin' Kop: Liverpool v Sheffield United (Saturday 24 Feb, 2007) by Terry de Niro

Liverpool U18s 0 Bolton Wanderers U18s 2 by liverweb

Spyin' Kop: Barca Away, Wednesday 21st February 2007 by -HH-

Spyin' Kop: Newcastle United v Liverpool (Saturday February 10th) by Benitez

Spyin' Kop: Everton at Anfield (3/2/07) by Rushian

January 2007

Spyin' Kop - WEST HAM UNITED by Tarpaulin

Filthy Lucre Lucas by Number 9

Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0: Two Weeks And A Stark Contrast by Mark_P

Spyin' Kop: Chelsea at Anfield (19/1/07) by cowlos

The Season’s Over My A**e by Rushian

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December 2006

Spyin' Kop - Bolton home by blurred

Four, Four, Two Please by Rushian

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Spyin' Kop: Watford (Home) - 23rd December 2006 by gramck24

Spyin' Kop: Arsenal at home in the 1/4 finals of the Carling Cup by Ashfordian

Spyin' Kop: Charlton away (16/12/06) by Raul.

Spyin' Kop: Liverpool v Fulham (9th December, 2006) by Welshred

FA Youth Cup 3rd Round: WBA 1 Liverpool 2 (aet) by Road End Sikh

Dead Body Floating: Galatasaray away 5th December 2006 by Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆

Spyin' Kop - Galatasaray away UPDATE by Raul.

Spyin' Kop (Wigan V Liverpool) by WorldChampions

November 2006

Safe Standing Areas and Liverpool fans by Rushian

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Spyin' Kop Man City by Hinesy

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Spyin' Kop: Boro at the Riverside (18th November 2006) by Tiger Tony

A Right Kick Up The Arse by Paul Tomkins

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Like The Mighty Dirk Kuyt by Mark_P

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October 2006

Liverpool 3 Aston Villa 1: 'It's like Arsenal!' by Garstonite

Direct Abuse: A Dark Day for Liverpool FC by Paul Tomkins

Spyin' Kop: Aston Villa at Anfield (28/10/06) by Rhi

Liverpool 4 Reading 3: A Cup Classic by Garstonite

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Alan Hansen: Hitting the Wrong Targets Again by Paul Tomkins

The Red Review – 2006/07: August-September by Paul Tomkins

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September 2006

The Bill Shankly Story by WOOLTONIAN

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Liverpool 3 Galatasary 2 – From the sublime to the ridiculously sleepy by Barrettski

Liverpool 3 Tottenham 0 – Fan dancers lose the banjo contest by Barrettski

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Academy Report: Liverpool U18's 1 Leeds United U18's 1 by Rushian

One Summer by john_mac

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. by blurred

August 2006

Independents Day: Flag making and glory hunting in Kiev by nige

Liverpool 2-1 West Ham: a view on tactics by Consigliere

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Gonzalez underwrites Reds but they lose Mo Claims Bonus by a partridge in seat_5c

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“first day back at school and the new kecks look boss” by a partridge in seat_5c

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"Our Road To Istanbul' - available at the Haifa game on Wednesday by Rushian

Goalscoring: a major problem solved? by Paul Tomkins

Have We Solved The Six Year Problem? by Mark_P

July 2006

Pennant: Paying the Penance by Paul Tomkins

June 2006

Summer Striking: Bellamy and ...? by Paul Tomkins

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May 2006

Rawk's guide to the World Cup Cities by Armin

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April 2006

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March 2006

Day of Reckoning – Bosman Ruling to be Overturned. by Steve_M

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February 2006

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"Kaiser" Chief by Tarpaulin

Youth Cup Match Report: Liverpool 6-0 Carlisle by AdamS

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January 2006

Spyin' Kop: Liverpool v Birmingham by Millsee

Fowler: Prodigal Son Returns - a Great Gamble by Paul Tomkins

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With apologies to Stan Staunton ... by Don Vito Corleone

Morientes: The Scouse Sheringham? by Steve_M

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December 2005

Adiós 2005 by Garstonite

Spyin' Kop: Bolton away by blurred

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Gerrard: Midfield Powerhouse and 20-Goal 'striker' by Paul Tomkins

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November 2005

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State of the (Scouse) Nation: The Internal Spyin' Kop part 2 by RAWK Editor

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October 2005

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September 2005

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Chelsea – Killing Football For Us All by Paul Tomkins

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I stayed at home. Memories of a man not in Istanbul. by Hinesy

Steve Cook, missing in Crete, can you help? by Armin

Spyin' Kop: Tottenham Away by Olly

Transfer Frustrations by Garstonite

A Successful Summer's Rebuilding by Paul Tomkins

August 2005

U18s Academy Match Report: Liverpool 2 Ipswich Town 3 by Rushian

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Liverpool 1 Sunderland 0 – Three points is three points by Barrettski

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Great Expectations, Grave Disappointments by Paul Tomkins

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The Big, Bumper 2005/06 Preview Bonanza Spectacular (Extravaganza) by Paul Tomkins

Golden Past, Red Future - RAWK Competition by Rushian

Taxi To Ataturk! by MichaelA

Michael Owen: Return of the Prodigal Son? by Paul Tomkins

July 2005

I Am Guilty, Michael Shields Is Innocent by Paul Tomkins

Benitez' Permutations: Variety, the Spice of Anfield by Paul Tomkins

Peter Crouch: height of obscurity? by Garstonite

Discrediting Liverpool - the world's best spin doctors by Paul Tomkins

TNS Beaten: How Liverpool Followed 'The Great Miracle' by Paul Tomkins

Liverpool: Silencing the "Specialists" by Garstonite

Liverpool's Summer Transfer Activity Explained by Paul Tomkins

Michael Owen: The Sunburnt Substitute by Garstonite

Gerrard: Saga Concluded. Where Now for the Midfield? by Paul Tomkins

Istanbul Reflections: From Midnight Express to Liverpool's Success part 2 by Rushian

Istanbul Reflections: From Midnight Express to Liverpool's Success part 1 by Rushian

Football Agents - Monsters of our own Making? by Kez

Steven Gerrard: Oh, the Okey-Cokey-Cokey by Paul Tomkins

Steven Gerrard: Sign Up (He Didn't), Or Ship Out (He Will) - updated 3pm by Paul Tomkins

Rafael Benitez: El hombre de Milagros by Garstonite

Istanbul Reflections: My Generation by Rushian

An Insane Summer: Hopes and Fears, and Something Special to Savour by Paul Tomkins

June 2005

Istanbul Reflections: Where's there's a will ... by Rushian

Liverpool FC: the Great Lost Generation by Paul Tomkins

"Golden Past, Red Future" - officially released: news and extracts by Paul Tomkins

Liverpool 3 Milan 3 – Pleasure to the point of pain by Farman

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Ten reasons for league optimism for Liverpool in 2005/06 by Paul Tomkins

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Is Liverpool's 2005/06 Premiership campaign already under threat? by Paul Tomkins

Rebuilding the Champions of Europe by Paul Tomkins

Why the FA should be ashamed in the wake of Liverpool's success by Paul Tomkins

May 2005

In Memoria e Amicizia by Rushian

10 Meaningful Moments... by afc turkish

Wonders Never Cease –– A Miracle in Istanbul by Paul Tomkins

Homecoming Details - European Cup victory parade Thursday 6.30 pm by Rushian

B&Q Competition Winner announced by Rushian

Spyin Kop: European Cup final preview by Armin

Are you a European Champions Cup romantic ? A reply from an old timer ... by WOOLTONIAN

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Third & last part of L.García RAWK interview: Luis García himself by Spanish-Red

What does this Champions League final really mean? by Paul Tomkins

The Fossa Dei Leoni sing You'll Never Walk Alone ... a special moment by Rushian

Envy Chelsea? by Lacey

Scousers All by Byrnee

Your chance to win £150 and have your room painted in Liverpool Red ! by Rushian

Urgent Info for Reds travelling to Istanbul with Onur Air by Rushian

What do we know about AC Milan's team? And how can we beat them? by myrlas

The Shadow of the Past by Zappa

Champions League qualification and the inconsistencies that shame football by Farman

“You’re supporting Germany?!” by Neil D

Why Liverpool Will Beat AC Milan by Paul Tomkins

Chelsea vanquished: Wine for my men, we drink till dawn by Paul Tomkins

Blue is the Colour by john_mac

Benitez: Waking A Fading Giant by Garstonite

Benítez vs Mourinho: in-depth Champions League preview by Paul Tomkins

April 2005

The 2nd part of the Luis Garcia RAWK interview: LFC & The City of Liverpool by Spanish-Red

Stamford Bridge and the Missing Rag Doll by Olly

The Stadium by Rushian

All square at the Bridge, job half done for the Reds by Paul Tomkins

Jekyll and Hyde: Time for two Liverpools to become one by Paul Tomkins

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Spyin' Kop: Tottenham preview by Armin

The first part of the Luis Garcia RAWK interview: the Football by Spanish-Red

Hillsborough: A Survivor's Story by Rushian

The 16th Anniversary of Hillsborough by Rushian

Twenty years on and has anyone learnt any lessons? by Jamie_H

Juventus Vanquished In Turin –– Hail the Rafalution by Paul Tomkins

16th Hillsborough Memorial Service, 15th April 2005 by Rushian

Liverpool 2 Juventus 1: A Sign Of Things To Come by Paul Tomkins

“Hungry for Success" - Gordon Ramsay to cater for the Reds by Hinesy

March 2005

King Carra: Jamie Of All Trades, Master of One by Paul Tomkins

Your chance to win the 1992 FA Cup Final on DVD by Rushian

The Sweetest Derby Victory In Years? by Paul Tomkins

Spyin' Kop: The Merseyside Derby by Rushian

Superstitious? by WOOLTONIAN

Reds Lose out in Senior Cup by liverweb

Rocking All Over The World in Leverksuen by Olly

Spyin Kop: Blackburn Preview by Armin

The new ground - just what are the NWDA up to? by DannyD

Bayer Leverkusen - and the meeting of Rafa by Mummy Spartacus (Mrs)

Why Liverpool Will Win The Champions League by Paul Tomkins

Spyin' Kop: Bayer Leverkusen preview by Armin

Shooting From the Hip, Speaking From the Heart by Paul Tomkins

Spyin' Kop: Newcastle preview by Armin

Reserves Report: Liverpool 0 Manchester United 1 by AdamS

February 2005

A Blow, But Our Cup Remains Half-Full, Not Half-Empty by Paul Tomkins

Leverkusen: a triumph tarnished with nagging doubt by Paul Tomkins

The two major problems with Stevie G by Rushian

What do Liverpool need tonight? by Filler.

Beach boys and hard men; the Spanish Armada and True Brits by codger

A promise to my father by WOOLTONIAN

Steven Gerrard To Meet Chelsea Officials Next Week by Paul Tomkins

Reserves: Liverpool 1-1 Newcastle by AdamS

The Hungarian Scouser by Rushian

A look at the Academy's under 16 side - match report by liverweb

Sami Hyypia: time to be put out to pasture? by Paul Tomkins

Alan Hansen, Hypocrisy and Transfer Dreams by Paul Tomkins

Our Man in Paris (Alou Diarra) by WOOLTONIAN

The Reserves: Liverpool 2 Middlesbrough 1 by AdamS

Steven Gerrard: Franco Baresi or Fulvio Collovati? by JessRed76

When they attack he's always back … by Olly

January 2005

Smicer and Le Tallec return as reserves lose 4-0 by parr

Spyin' Kop: Charlton preview by Armin

The Reserves: Liverpool 2 - 0 Birmingham by AdamS

Certainly no Regular: Joe, a tribute to Fagan. by JMarsh

No more heroes left in the game by Tarpaulin

A month is a long time at Liverpool for Benitez by Rushian

Width: The one player Liverpool and football, has never replaced. by JMarsh

The Steven Gerrard saga and football's changing attitudes by Farman

1965 and all by john_mac

Allusions of mediocrity by Steve_M

Spyin' Kop Southampton preview by Armin

Have a hand in raising awareness - the HJC wristband by Rushian

Depressing, but light beyond every dark cloud. by Paul Tomkins

10 questions with Armin and Paul by afc turkish

Exclusive: RAWK interview with new signing Morientes by Rushian

Spyin' Kop: Manchester United match preview by Armin

Toro toro El Moro - on me 'ed, Señor by Paul Tomkins

We're on the march with Rafa's army ... by [delete]

Make this torment end! Which striker will it be? by Paul Tomkins

How Unlucky Can One Team Be? by Paul Tomkins

December 2004

Back to the Future - Review of LFC in 2005 by Roddysul

My Player-by-Player Assessment of the Season So Far by Paul Tomkins

The Kop ..... by Zappa

Saviour or urban myth? by john_mac

End of Year Review: Are We Really a One-Man Team? by Paul Tomkins

Onwards and upwards for Rafa’s Reds. A half-season progress report ... by Benitez

'Christmas Time, Missed Chances and Whine?' by Byrnee

Spyin' Kop: Newcastle by Armin

Spyin' Kop: Olympiacos, Them and Us. by Rushian

Spyin' Kop: Everton, Them and Us by Rushian

Liverpool 3 - 1 Olympiacos: An Unobstructed View from the Couch by Olly

Señor Benitez - meet the Twelfth Man by Roddysul

Stevey G, Au revoir? by john_mac

The Anfield Crossroads - A Club In Flux by Paul Tomkins

Tomorrow let's turn Anfield into a cauldron of noise and a feast of colour by Rushian

Generations : A Derby Day Trilogy by WOOLTONIAN

A Mickey Mouse Cup? by john_mac

Ground Share not the way forward for both Liverpool clubs by Rushian

November 2004

Monaco 1 Liverpool 0: Not Very Nice by Olly

A Bastion of (Near-) Invincibility: Victory Over Arsenal by Paul Tomkins

Spyin' Kop: Arsenal, them and us. by Armin

Spyin' Kop: Monaco, them and Us by Armin

Bleak November Yet Again? Boro 2 LFC 0 by Paul Tomkins

Spyin' Kop: Middlesborough, Them and Us. by Armin

Boro and Palace: Two Wins, Steady Progress by Paul Tomkins

Spyin' Kop - Crystal Palace: Them and Us. by Armin

Your chance to win Football Manager 2005 by Rushian

A Striking Resemblance To A Striking Crisis by Paul Tomkins

Planes, Spain and Automobiles – Delirium at Depor by Olly

Deportivo away - Tales of a Randy Highwayman by Roddysul

Them and Us: Birmingham City by Armin

The Alchemist by Byrnee

When a 6 year-old French Boy met the Red Army, Paris, May 1981 by Ray Davies

Reserves in Reverse Liverpool 1 - 6 Aston Villa by AdamS

October 2004

Blackburn 2 Liverpool 2 - Unlucky Breaks by Paul Tomkins

Them and Us - Two views from Ewood Park ahead of Saturday by Armin

A Quarter of the Season Gone, and Starting to Look Good by Paul Tomkins

Fulham Thoughts: Credit Where It's Due by Paul Tomkins

'Them and Us' the Deportivo view on our Champions League meeting... by Armin

Fulham 2 Liverpool 4; Der, der, der .. by [delete]

The Sunday Papers on Fulham 2 Liverpool 4 by Rushian

Liverpool v Everton Legends Match - Marine AFC (Sunday 17th October) by smiggers

Reds in Reserve: Liverpool 0 Everton 1 by Rushian

U18s Academy Match Report: Liverpool 1 Bolton 0 by liverweb

Olympiakos 1 Liverpool 0 – Oh ye Gods… by Farman

Zonal defending: Problem or convenient excuse? by Rushian

Culture for the Uncultured - Acropolis and All by Olly

Time Will Cure Our Travel Sickness by Paul Tomkins

September 2004

Bill Shankly September 2nd 1913 - September 29th 1981 by Maggie May

Liverpool 3 Norwich 0: When Is A Win Ever Worth Less Than 3 Points? by Paul Tomkins

Liverpool 2 Monaco 0 - A new pass and move groove (armada) by Barrettski

Your chance to win the 1986 and 1989 FA Cup Finals on DVD by Rushian

Reds in Reserve: Liverpool 1 Sunderland 0 by AdamS

The Papers on the Monaco game 16-9-04 by Rushian

Benitez, and Getting the Balance Right by Paul Tomkins

Liverpool, past and future. by Rushian

AFC Wimbledon v Liverpool Legends: 1988 revisited by Olly

The Sunday Papers 12/9/04 by Rushian

Got Me Some Perspective: Boavista Report September 11th 2001 by Paul Tomkins

Rafael Benitez: Early Progress Report by Paul Tomkins

August 2004

Liverpool 0 Graz AK 1 – A lot to learn by Barrettski

The Transfer Window Starts to Close by john_mac

An Unobstructed View from the Couch – Liverpool 0 AK Graz 1 by Olly

Thank goodness we didn't get Maureen O by Clayton Moore rides again ©

Liverpool 2 Man City 1 – A New Beginning by Barrettski

Liverpool 2 Man City 1 - The Signs Are Good by Paul Tomkins

A Phone Call, A Pole Dancer, Rafa, Shanks and LFC by wembley78

Total Control: How Our New Midfield Will Elevate LFC by Paul Tomkins

Los Conquistadores Rojos ... (dare we start to believe again?) by Red_in_Holland

Xabi Alonso, the most impressive Premiership import to date? by Don Vito Corleone

The Future is Bright, The Future is Benitez by Paul Tomkins

Tottenham 1 Liverpool 1: You say you want a revolution ... by Mummy Spartacus (Mrs)

United Liverpool by Rushian

Graz: A Tale of Plums and Bums by Olly

Graz - A trip from farce to almost tragedy by Jonathan Hall ☆☆☆☆☆

Michael Owen: How Much Loyalty Can We Expect? by Paul Tomkins

Owen: The King Is Dead, Long Live The King by Paul Tomkins

Reds in Reserve: Liverpool 0 Man City 1 by AdamS

No Smoke without Fire by Jamie_H

Come on Michael by john_mac

Escape to New York (via Toronto) by Rushian

An Englishman In New York by john_mac

Angry fans left high and dry by late European fixture change by Rushian

Ray Kennedy: Walk Tall Big Man by Paul Tomkins

July 2004

Vauxhall Motors 1 Liverpool XI 2: match report by smicer07

Why This Pre-Season Is Telling Us So Much by Paul Tomkins

My guilty feelings about Rafa by Andy G

Liverpool 5 Celtic 1: match report from Hartford by 4pool

LFC: Not the Favourites, But Never Underdogs by Paul Tomkins

The indefinable magic that is "supporting your team" by Hinesy

First is everything, second is nothing and targets are for the titleless by Don Vito Corleone

Russia, Steven Gerrard and football’s babushkas by Farman

Thanks Mr. Shanks - 12th July 1974 by nige

Fatherly Advice by WOOLTONIAN

Yesterday's "apology" reemphasises why you should never buy The S*n by john_mac

Statement from the Hillsborough Justice Campaign on the Sun apology by Rushian

Figo, Barca and Gerrard by Rushian

The Liverpool boys are in Town. by Mottman

What would Shankly have thought? by Rushian

June 2004

A Tale of Two Cities? by john_mac

Kiss My Badge: The Gerrard Saga Concluded by Paul Tomkins

The Leaving of Liverpool, or the Colour of Money by Bob Kurac

The Big 'If': If Gerrard Leaves Liverpool by Paul Tomkins

Why Gerrard Will Remain At Liverpool by Paul Tomkins

Rafa the Rotator by Paul Tomkins

Michael Owen: God MKII, or False God? by Paul Tomkins

How Far Can Benitez Realistically Take Liverpool FC? by Paul Tomkins

Five hours in Paradise - Parts I & II by nige

England, LFC and Me by Rushian

A Warm Welcome back to the Palace "Eagles" by WOOLTONIAN

What Will Benitez Make of the Liverpool Squad? by Paul Tomkins

Parry confirms Benitez the man for Red hotseat by Rushian

May 2004

Houllier deserves to have the good times remembered by Rushian

The Horror of Heysel by Rushian

In Memoria e Amicizia by Rushian

Deserved Respect for Houllier by AdamL

Two Little Boys by Andy G

Even if I’m glad they’ve gone I'll miss Leeds. Yes dirty Leeds. by Hinesy

A Frank Assessment of Gerard Houllier (and the Men Tipped to Replace Him) by Paul Tomkins

Thank you Gerard Houllier by Rushian

The Rise of The Scouse and Fall of The Romano Empire by WOOLTONIAN

The Future of LFC: part 2 by Paul Tomkins by Paul Tomkins

Summer of Siam by john_mac

The Future of LFC: part 1 by Paul Tomkins by Paul Tomkins

Editorial: This sorry investment saga by Rushian

Thaksin Shinawatra comments on "done deal" by Rushian

Thai deal accepted by Rushian

The Shirt by nige

Reds Win Cup After Penalty Drama by parr

Ambition Opportunity and Synergy - I'll take the Thai Road by Armin

Why it's Morgan v Moores and not Scouse v Thai by Rushian

Fan power, who are the mugs? by john_mac

The Rough Guide to Steve Morgan's Scouse Offering by Rushian

You'll Never Walk Alone. May 11th 1985. by Em5y

Morgan offer would curry favour with fans by Rushian

The Rough Guide to the Thai Take Away by Rushian

Kipper Tie anyone? or Noddy Holder's greatest hits ... by john_mac

Sunday Paper Review - May 9th, 2004 by Rushian

The manager conundrum – Pick your pill and Enter the Matrix by Farman

Reds in Reserve: Liverpool 5 Sunderland 1 by Rushian

April 2004

Man United and Liverpool: The context of text by Rushian

10th Anniversary: The Kop's Last Stand by Mottman

Kop Moments: 10 years on by Rushian

5479 days on, a return to Hillsborough. by Rushian

Marseille v Liverpool: story of a first game by Rushian

Kop Stories by Dave Kirby and Nicky Allt by Peter_Evo

It's the Reds against the Mancs by nige

The Marseille experience revisited by Rushian

Required : Miracle of biblical proportions by WOOLTONIAN

LFC and the HJC - Part 2 by Maggie May

LFC and the HJC Part 1 by Maggie May

Is this the club I grew up watching? by Kopite

Yesterday by Peter_Evo

Hillsborough - L'est We Forget by Rushian

The 15th Anniversary of Hillsborough by Rushian

15th April 1989 - we don't walk alone by Rushian

15th April 1989 - a Man Utd fan writes by Rushian

15th April 1989 - a view from afar by Barney_Rubble

The Boycott continues by Rushian

Sadness by john_mac

Hillsborough memorial service 15th April 2004 by Rushian

Liverpool 4 Blackburn 0 - A penalty box fox and normative clocks by Farman

March 2004

Houllier's Bouillabaisse not to taste by Rushian

How to get to Levski (via Ferencvaros and Partisan Belgrade) by Rushian

Will Liverpool be turned into April fools? by adamski

Southampton 2 Liverpool 0 - I should have gone to Cardiff by Sparrow5

Deserve the shirt? You're having a laugh by Mark_P

Marseille Midweek Melee by WOOLTONIAN

Titleless Mediocrity by Kez

Sofia so Good! by Olly

U17's draw 2 each with Blades by liverweb

A Boyhood Dream by WOOLTONIAN

February 2004

The Writing's on the Wall by Rushian

O'Neill's Trojan Horse by Rushian

Not good enough for LFC by Tarpaulin

Reds in Reserve: Liverpool 1 Blackburn 1 by Rushian

In Times of Troubles by WOOLTONIAN

Sunday's reality check by HARSH

Reserve Report: Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool by parr

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