Spyin' Kop Liverpool v Arsenal, 3/3/2012

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Saturday Arsenal come to Anfield and for the Spyin' Kop I usually go looking for opposing fans on their message boards but from a Dutch football forum I know a couple of Gunners who were willing to help out with my questions nicely. Here they are! (I translated this all from Dutch, if there is something sticking in here which is in Dutch tell me please ;) )

1. What were your season expectations?

Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: Before the season started there were rumours about a departure from Nasri and Fabregas, the skipper. Nasri had played a great season but had a contract for just a year, so it was either sign a new deal or move on. Eventually we, understandably, sold him for a lot of money. It was a shame as he was a key player and to challenge for silverware you need them to stay. But the way Nasri treated Arsenal was a disgrace.

On top of that Fabregas was sold and Wilshere got injured, so we were without our three best players who werenít replaced and were left with the very injury-prone Van Persie as a star man and skipper. So it was going to be tough to challenge for the top spots. If we finish fourth weíve done well.
Kevinarsnl: Itís tough to take when Benayoun and Arteta replace Nasri and Fabregas, though theyíve been better than expected(though I miss the brilliance of them two). I wasnít optimistic. Around sixth in the league, no Cup glory and an early European exit. Which was about right. I donít think weíll get fourth, Liverpool and Chelsea are great sides.
JoŽlGunner: I didnít expect a lot but a good cup run would have been nice. The title was beyond us.

2. How did it feel to annilihate Spurs?

Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: Brilliant. They were favourites according to the pundits and when Saha scored I feared another 8-2. Then they got 2-0 up which was horrible, even more bad luck for us against Spurs of all clubs. Luckily we got two goals before the break and were brilliant in the second half. It made me proud and now was more than ever a time to give them a trashing as their arrogance began to piss me off.
Kevinarsnl: Brilliant, whatís better then to trash them? After the second Spurs goal I feared the worst and I prayed for us to be clear of that and the prayers were answered. I loved Walcott. And ĎArryís face.
JoŽlGunner: Brilliant! Seasonís highlight along with Henryís goals and the win at Chelsea.

3. ArsŤne Wenger has had some criticism. Does he need to stay or is his time up?

Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: Obviously Wenger needs to stay, he IS Arsenal! We ainít got all the money like Chelsea or City, thatís why we have to sell our key men all the time. Imagine if we had kept Nasri and Fabregas, it would have been great. Thatís why I hope Wenger can get the money to build a new great team, the man deserves that for all the work heís done.
Kevinarsnl: You crazy, he should get a contract for life for all the good work heís done here. Itís a miracle weíre fourth with this squad! I feel for Arsene, he could have been in Madrid or Paris, yet he stayed.
JoŽlGunner: Iím split sometimes. But he made this club big and I respect his methods.

4. Whoís your key man outside RvP?

Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: Koscielny and Song. They have been reliable and developing this campaign. Koscielny is, in my opinion, one of the best defenders in the league and Song has improved his passing a lot.
Kevinarsnl: Song is the heartbeat of our team. His tackling and passing are brilliant. Wilshere is great too if fit.
JoŽlGunner: Tough one, Iíll say Koscielny.

5. Arsenal are known for their great Academy. Are there some new kids on the block?

Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: I expect a lot of Benik Afobe, a strong striker, 19 years old. It says a lot that he could have gone to Barcelona already. Furthermore thereís Nicholas Yennaris, a young left-back who has played in the first team a couple of times now.
Kevinarsnl: Frimpong won us over already and Coquelin is an even bigger talent. And there are lads like Lansbury, Miquel, Afobe, Aneke, Eastmond and Yennaris whoíll do well.
JoŽlGunner: This season Yennaris, Miquel, Frimpong and especially Coquelin announced themselves. I can see the latter become a key player. From the youth team I think Myaichi, Ozyakub and Afobe might make the step.

6. Whatís your opinion on Kenny Dalglish?

Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: A nice, sporting man. However heís paid way over the odds for Henderson, Carroll and Downing, I think thatís pretty laughable.
Kevinarsnl: Iím young so I havenít seen his successes in the past, but I like him as heís honest and not playing a role.
JoŽlGunner: A nice bloke and a club legend. Great to have someone like him leading the club.

7. If you could get one Liverpool player, who would it be?
Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: Lucas Leiva never stood out for me but heís been great this season. Itís a shame for both him and Liverpool that heís out for the season.
Kevinarsnl: We havenít had a lot to smile at Arsenal this season so Iíd take Andy Carroll for a good laugh.
JoŽlGunner: Suarez

8. Will RvP stay?
Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: I hope so and think so, I think heís a proper Gunner but we could do with some new faces. He wants to win trophies but he wants to do that at Arsenal.
Kevinarsnl: I donít know. He does look happy at Arsenal, but you never know. If heís clever, heíll stay.
JoŽlGunner: I hope so, itíll depend on the next months. How well will we play, who will we bring in?

9. Have you got a favourite game between our clubs?
Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: The Carling Cup Game at Anfield in 2007 when Julio Baptista got a hat-trick for Arsenalís second-string team which won 6-3. Lovely.
Kevinarsnl: The 4-4 game with Arshavin is the first one that springs to mind. He was never great but he was immense that night.
JoŽlGunner: The 4-4 with Arshavin was historical. The CL game in 2008 springs to mind too, with Walcott making that run. Unfortunately Liverpool scored again and we were out.

10. In what way Arsenal in March is different from Arsenal in August?

Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: We werenít a team then and had bad luck with Koscielnyís injury and Frimpongís red card. A full-strength Arsenal would have won that day, Liverpool didnít convince me either but werenít bad enough to drop points that day.
Kevinarsnl: Weíve got a quality bench now and everybody in the squad wants to be here. Things look better now.
JoŽlGunner: The teamís more balanced now. We got a couple of new faces, though most of them are out for Saturday, but to have someone like Arteta is important.

11. Which team will Wenger pull out?
Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: I donít see many changes. Perhaps Benayoun or Rosicky out for Gervinho or Oxlade-Chamberlain.
 So Szczesny, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Sagna, Song, Arteta, ?,  ?, Walcott and RvP
Kevinarsnl: The same that trashed Spurs. Donít think Wenger will change, heíd be crazy if he did.
JoŽlGunner: Szczezny
Walcott-RvP- Gervinho

Vermaelen and Rosicky if fit, otherwise Djourou and Ramsey

12. Mind to predict the score?
Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: Itís never easy to play at Anfield. Liverpool will be confident after their victory last week, but I think theyíre very average. Arsenal to win 1-3(hopefully..)
Kevinarsnl: 2-2. Suarez and Gerrard for Liverpool, RvP and Arteta for Arsenal
JoŽlGunner: 2-3!

13. Where will both teams be come May?
Arsene Wengerís Lovechild: If Arsenal win Sunday, 4th is beyond Liverpool and Newcastle will fall away sometime. So 4th is between us and Chelsea and weíll pinch it. Liverpool to get 6th.
Kevinarsnl: There I said it, weíll get fourth. Pool 5th, above Chelsea though. And Torres :D
JoŽlGunner: Arsenal third, Liverpool 6th

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