Round the FA Cup table: Liverpool 6-1 Brighton.

Posted by Hinesy on February 19, 2012, 06:23:02 PM

Oooh Carroll and Suarez can play together... Andy nods it back for Luis and in he pops it... About time... (84.39mins played to be accurate).

When Kenny put up the number 7 on his fingers it wasn't the number of goals scored, it was a clear indication for Luis Suarez to take the penalty and of course he was going to miss it. At times Luis looked short of confidence, has the whole issue stripped him of some swagger?
Carroll had to put up with a wrestling match from the Fighton, er Brighton, defence without any succour, yet he won man of the match from ESPN. In some ways he is growing into the role, but similarly Downing doesn't seem to be and this was against opponents who to be fair were fairly easy pickings...

So.. Should the manager decide who takes the penalties out of sentimentality?
Should we actually keep Andy and sell Stuart?
And for me, why wasn't Martin Skrtel man of the match?
Or the stripper: the only man to get close to Carra all day...
PS we won and here comes Stoke.

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