What do Liverpool need tonight?

Posted by Filler. on February 22, 2005, 11:04:50 AM

Rafa: Right, come on, sit down.... Vlady? .... VLADY!? (vlady takes off headphones). Everyone here Pako? Where's Djimi?
Hyypia: He's coming boss, he's just being sick.

Rafa:     Sick?
Hyypia: Nerves boss, he'll be fine.
(in walks Djimi)

Rafa: You OK Djimi?
Djimi: Yes boss, feel better now.

Rafa: Right. (looks round the room waiting for silence... the last nervous tapping of boots subsides, the noise of the loo flush dissapears - silence)

This is what it's all about. Many of you have had big games, but not like this. Tonight we put our hearts on our sleeves and we keep them there till the end of the season. Training has gone well this week and we all know what we have to do and who to watch - now it's up to you to define yourselves, and to define what that shirt means that you're wearing, not just to you, as men, but to the fans, as the people. Show them who you are, and remind them who they follow, but above all... concentrate till that final whistle goes... keep talking and look out for eachother... and ENJOY! (Rafa smiles) If you're sick now Djimi.. you wait to till the semi-finals. (a short group laugh - Djimi smiles, nods, bows his head, taps his feet and claps his hands hard, twice.)

Djimi: Come on lads. Come on.
Carra: Lets fucking put it about in the first 20, take it to them, COME ON, lets fucking win this game.

Rafa:   And keep it tight! Didi? Igor? It's your game tonight. You know what to do. Keep it together as we did all week and Igor, keep making those runs when you see a gap - Vlady will work around you right? (Rafa looks at Vlady, Vlady nods). Vlady? It's good to have you back proper - be strong, play it simple in the middle and move your arse around the box - you'll win free kicks and make space - and when you see a viable space - FUCKING DELIVER IT! Milan? Keep your ears out for shouts - if you find a bit of space - give it a fucking crack. Didi? You're our Gerrard, our Alonso, our Gattuso, our Davids, our Souness tonight. You're also our Dietmar Hamann and that ex who dumped you for a Leverkusen fan - keep him close to your heart out there right? (Didi nods) John?.. show us your tits (Riise lifts up his shirt and wriggles his pecks (the lads laugh, a training ground goal celebration) Luis? - final third, just as we discussed. You'll have people around you in the middle - lay it off and move - you ALL fucking move right!? keep it simple Luis in the middle and keep it bright up top.. look for those runs. Sami? Marshall it. Keep talking to Jamie and Jerzy.. keep the triangle together, and keep your ears pricked - track and hold! They're quick up front and clever but you'll have support, but just keep that defence in order with jamie. Djimi? Steve? pass first, clear second, don't lunge in needlessly but keep with them, you know what to do. Jerzy?.. puff that chest out lad, you OWN that box right?
Jerzy: (gives a determined confident nod) Lets fucking have 'em boys!
(all clap... pause)

Rafa: We can win this trophy... we can win next weeks one while we're at it too. We can get this fucking 4th spot and show these puta's what Liverpool Football Club is all about. You'll walk out there with your heads held high in that cauldron of noise - and you'll deliver, and deliver good. Carra?
Carra: Yes boss?
Rafa: Lead them out.

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