Spyin' Kop - Liverpool v Chelsea 2.5.2010

Posted by ConorYNWA on May 1, 2010, 12:55:32 PM

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Well the season is drawing to a close, and I think I can safely say. That after Thursday night's defeat to Atletico Madrid, we all want this season to finish now. But there is still a slim chance of us finishing fourth. Although we're relying on other teams results.

Our opponents this weekend are Chelsea. We have had some quite famous battles in recent years, and some quite forgettable ones to go with them. They top the league but still need wins in both their remaining games to be sure of lifting the title. However, this fixture is proving to be quite contreversial. Most fans, including myself, think that a Liverpool win comes first. Regardless of the consequences. Although if we are the victors, we will almost certainly hand Manchester United the title. Chelsea will be expecting no favours though, and sparks are set to fly in this encounter.

Due to having not a lot of time, I decided to give the Chelsea forums a miss and asked two Chelsea fans their views on the match via email. I hope you dont mind me doing it this way, I also asked them to give a bit more detail in their answers as there were only two of them taking part. Many thanks to Shane and Matt for answering the questions on such short notice.


With the season drawing to a close, Chelsea have a FA Cup Final to look forward to, and also the chance of winning another title. Have you enjoyed this season?

Matt: Yes, for the main part. But frustrating when some players have not performed consistently week in and week out. The double over United was the highlight.
Shane: Hugely, bar the European Cup dissapointment and the media's (The S*n) truly disgraceful public hanging of John Terry, it's been one to remember. The clubs found some stability and Abramovich seems to learnt his lesson. Fingers crossed, Carletto can banish the ghost of Mourinho (as much as we love him the constant talk about him doesnt help the club) and we can kick onto a new era. The attacking football has been a huge positive aswell, shame people still rave about Mediocre United and theirs. The way we've played this season has borderlined vintage stuff, but as usual we've been our own worst enemy. Should of won the title in Febuary.

What were your expectations at the start of the season? And how does your current position compare to that?

Matt: Obviously to win everything, the Champions League exit to Inter sorted that dream out, but we’re still on for the double.
Shane: Honestly thought we had Europe in the bag, but lets be honest it never is. The position of the club and the way football is now, titles don't have the same glamour as the CL unless youve won one recently. Suppose Liverpool and Chelsea should trade recent European and Domestic successes with each other, God knows you need that title. God knows we need that CL. I would of bitten anyones hand off if we we're offered this position in August though.

How has the new manager Ancelotti done?

Shane: Love him, pure class. Handles himself well and has got pretty much spot on this season. Europe aside he's stabilised the dressing room and got the best out of some underperforming players like Ballack. It's great having a gaffer who can look down on Fergie, due to his 4 European titles as player and manager and truly give that twat jock the finger. A double in the first season, one better than Mourinho would be lovely.
Matt: Excellent, he’s a calm bloke and knows his football.

Best player(s) this season?

Shane: Drogba, no longer the African lump but now the African version of Muller.

Lampard as usual, if he was Italian or Spanish he'd probaly have won world player of the year by now.

Ash Cole, twice cheated on the geordie sweetheart and once getting away with it, and establishing himself as the worlds best on the left side.

Ivanovic, he's complete naff but I love his swashbuckling ill go where the ball goes dribbling skills. Imagine Baros with less ball control, stronger and an eastern european haircut.

Essien before he done his knee in, was on his way to dominating the whole 'best midfielder' lot for a few years.

Ballack. Der Kaiser is back. For a few more weeks though. Massive shame would of loved him to been here for a longer period of time. Handles himself in the shirt excellently. Superstar.
Matt: Drogba, strong and skilful and doesn't play the 'ring a ring a roses, we all fall down' game as much.

Worst player(s) this season?

Matt: Deco was disappointing, again.
Shane: Kalou, unlike Mr Kuyt and Van the Man I have no idea how he bagged 20 goals a season in Holland. Pure fuckin shite, the worst hattrick ive ever seen in my life aswell. Ship him out.

Malouda, hugely controversial but he isnt actually that good. Yes he's scored a few and had a big game at scums home, but the way he gave out about Lampard was prickish stuff. Ship him out.

Anelka's been on fire in the first few months of the season, but more and more his sulk is creeping back in and it's starting to affect his performances. Ship him out.

Mikel, almost there in becoming a truly great player, but some massive mistakes has cost us alot of points. Keep him.

Zhirkov, huge fee and a huge reputation doesnt look like he even wants to fight for a place. Keep him.

Joe Cole? Whatever happened to baby Joe? No idea what to with the lad.

Any good youngsters coming up the ranks that we might not have heard about yet?

Matt: Patrick van Aanholt.
Shane: Bruma, most probaly going to the world cup without making more than 5 appearences. Ball playing centre half. Rijkaard anyone?

Kakuta is obvious, could quite possibly be a superstar.

Strurridge, future goal getter without a doubt. Sort his celebrations out though. The one against stoke? Fucks sake. Don't give people anymore reason to hate ya lad.

What are your takes on what's been happening at Liverpool this season?

Shane: It's less competition as a Chelsea fan but as a football fan its a shame, giants falling it seems. People forget that how big the club is, because obviously football started when Sky Sports arrived. How the fans have backed Rafa is admireable. Especially after the lynching he gets from the dire media we have here. But I'm a Chelsea fan, so sitting pretty pretty I suppose. Lucas gets a hard time aswell, he could be a world beater.
Matt: Gerrard hasn’t seemed as passionate this season which may have filtered through from the management side of things. I think he realises you need to replace some players in the squad and the owners haven’t got the money. Benitez has to go if the club is sold. Jose would be the ideal choice if the money is there but he’ll want to spend.

Any particular highlights from meetings between the two clubs in the past?

Matt: The atmosphere at the FA cup semi at Old Trafford in 2006, amazing. (Result? Not so amazing)
Shane: We've never played before have we? Luis can take a running jump.

How will you line up against us? Will you be expecting us to roll over?

Shane: Not a roll over, bar two of your players none of them are scouse so I dont suppose itll make a huge difference to be honest. Not taking Javier into that though, you lot should twin yourself with Argentina cus Maradona and co would be mistaken for sunbathing by the Mersey. Tough game, but if we play to our ability we'll take 3 points.
Matt: 4-4-2 with Anelka and Drogba upfront. Despite not wanting the scum to get the league, you can’t afford to roll over, a lucky result for Hull in the last game and Everton could take seventh.

If you could have one player from our team, who would it be?

Shane: Fernandooooooo. I mean what a fucking goal machine. The man was born in the back of the net. Gives it the big time aswell, which is class especially since he's better than everyone else, he lets you know it. Given the new injuries though, the new Van Basten? Massive shame.
Matt: Obvious answer would be Torres, but Reina would be a close second.

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Shane: Zigger Zagga good fave

He's here, he's there, he's every fuckin where Joey Cole. But not much chance of that anymore

Didier Drogba la la laaa. Pointless but still good crack.
Matt: Classic chant: Carefree, and funniest Chant: Celery (no idea where it came from)

Where do you think both clubs will finish at the end of the season?

Matt: Chelsea will win title and you will finish seventh, two points above your neighbours.
Shane: 1st and 6th.

Score predictions?

Matt: 1-2. I want to win, but not thrash Liverpool. (wife and son are Liverpool fans)
Shane: 3-1 to the Blues. If we don't win, we're fucked.

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