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Manchester City 2 - 0 Liverpool. The score at half time at the COMS last season. 45 minutes later, with two Torres goal and Kuyt scoring a last seccond winner, Liverpool had won the game 3-2. Liverpool went on to finish 2nd in the league by 4 points and Manchester City finished the season 10th.

This season has been different, as we all know we have had a terrible season so far. Manchester City however are havin the best season of recent times in their respect. Both of us are in a battle for fourth with Spurs & Villa closely behind, arguably this game could ultimately decide who gets that final Champions League Spot

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In your opinion, how has the season been shaping up so far?
Ono: In terms of where we are in the league, it's pretty much as i expected although i expected Liverpool to be 2nd/3rd with Arsenal outside the top 4. In terms of how we're playing, it's not been so good lately. In fact all season it's been hit and miss. But still we're 4th with a game in hand. Strange season. Don't think we're playing well but there are obviously a load more teams playing worse

Immaculate Pasta: Shaping up very well, we're on course for 4th and still in the FA Cup, what else could we expect.

TheLegendOfBerti: It's going well, despite playing poorly we're still 4th with a game in hand, still in the FA Cup, and gave a good showing in the Carling Cup. Good season so far.

Richard: Show me a City fan who wouldnt have took 4th in Febuary, and I will show you a liar. As per usual with City, its been a up and down ride but despite the high posistion in the league there is a feeling of a missed opportunity. No-one seems to really want this 4th place, its sort of after you, no after you. Performances havent been great under Mancini but we seem to be getting results in most cases.

What are your expectations for this season? Also if you had the choice, 4th spot or FA Cup win?

Ono: 4th Spot

Immaculate Pasta: At the start of the season it was 4th and a decent cup run, we have/are doing this. I'd choose FA Cup, 4th brings Champions League but 4th is 4th, you can't put that in your trophy cabinet.

TheLegendOfBerti: 4th Spot definately, because if we do get it, I think we'll be there to stay for a long, long time. Trophies will come.

Richard: Expectation at the start would have been top 6. Now I fully believe we can maintain a challenge for 4th. Tricky one between 4th and the FA Cup, but as nice as it would be to go over to Salford and rip down their obsessive banner counting the years that we have gone without winning a trophy, I will take the Champions League. It opens the doors to a whole new world of players. The cups can come next season!

Who do you think has been your most important player(s) so far this season?

Ono: Tevez. His goals have been important

Immaculate Pasta:Carlos Tevez. No words needed.

TheLegendOfBerti: Carlos Tevez has been the stand-out player for us. 13 league goals, I think, he's really done well for us this season. There have also been key performances from Nigel De Jong, Shay Given and Craig Bellamy this season.

Richard: Fergie sign him up, fergie fergie sign him up. Tevez has been outstanding the past couple of months. Hopefully he will be back from Argentina in time to continue this on Sunday. Bellamys progress to terrace hero hasnt been harmed by his performances this season either.

And the one(s) you've been least impressed by?

Ono: Maybe harsh, But Gareth Barry. Meh.

Immaculate Pasta: Micah Richards, Kolo Toure.

TheLegendOfBerti: Several of Hughes signings have failed to live up to expectation. Gareth Barry has been average and inconsistant, Kolo Toure much the same, Joleon Lescott massively overpriced and poor at the start of the season, though slowly improving. Also Steven Ireland has been mediocre this season, and from being player of the year last season, he's really dropped off in terms of performances.

Richard: You will like this one. Gareth Barry. He is by no doubt a quality quality footballer, but for some reason he hasnt seem to hit top form yet. He seems to be playing with an injury and has struggled in high tempo games. You could probably also make a case for any of our defence.

What do you make of the somewhat rash dismissal of Mark Hughes?

Ono: Justified. If anything, we waited too long. Spent a shit load of money and didn't manage to bring in a defensive organiser nor did he bring in any midfielders who are capable of stringing 3 or 4 passes together.

Immaculate Pasta: The way they went about it was wrong but it was the right decision 100%. Lessons will be learnt over the handling of it all.

TheLegendOfBerti: It was the wrong time to do it. I always believed that if we weren't going to sack him last summer he should have had the whole season. Now all that's happened is Mancini has to try and manage Hughes's squad the best he can, and as a result we're playing awfully because we trying to cover our defensive frailties exposed early in the season.

Richard: It was probably the right one. I find it funny how the media and other football teams fans slated Hughes for not doing better having spent millions of pounds. The minute he is sacked they are all his best mate. Hmmm. The way we did it wasnt correct, but ultimately I dont he was the right man for the 'project'

What are you best and worst memories of any previous meetings between the two clubs?

Ono: Probably us playing for time on the last day of the season when we got relegated. We held the ball in the corner thinking a draw was good enough to keep us up. It wasn't. Last season at Coms was hard to take aswell, after going 2-0 up. I'm probably too young to have any great memories from playing Liverpool. The 2-1 win at Anfield maybe when Anelka and Swp scored.

Immaculate Pasta: Best, probably the 2-1 win at your place when Anelka scored, Schmichael made that wonder save. Worst was i think we went to your place twice in a week and lost 4-0 and 6-0. I was only a young lad but i can remember that.

TheLegendOfBerti: Last season losing 3-2 from being 2-0 up, this season after being ahead to throw it away, and Michael Owen's hattrick at Maine Road a few years ago. Best? well as I'm young beating you at Anfield with Robbie Fowler and Nicolas Anelka, good times.

Worst memory was getting relegated against your lot. If I remember rightly, Liverpool had a cup final the week later and werent really bothered about the result. We needed a win or a draw and other results to go for us. The tactical genius that was Alan Ball decided to go for the corners when we were 2-2 and needed a goal to survive. I dont like to speak ill of the dead, but......

Best memories? I enjoyed Kiki Musampas last minute winner against you about 5 years ago.

Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?

Ono: There would have been Vladimir Weiss who could turn into a special player, but he's on loan at Bolton. Adam Johnson has been impressive though and he'll most probably play some part.

Immaculate Pasta: Boyata has looked decent, he's gone back in the reserves now to keep his feet on the ground but he could easily just slip in and at times not look like a young inexperienced lad, still alot to learn but looks promising. Young lad in midfield Ibrahim looked decent against Scunthorpe, would like to see more of him but i think he's only just turned 18.

TheLegendOfBerti: In our immediate squad Dedryck Boyata did ok against United in the cups, and Abdi Ibrahim is a talented young midfielder, and our hot prospect of a winger Vladimir Weiss is at Bolton on loan. None of these I'd expect to play against you(the latter obviously not) so I don't think there'll be many surprises come matchday.

Richard: Dedryck Boyata started both the Carling Cup semi final legs against the United, and he is going to be a quality player. Wont play on Sunday but one to watch out for. Hopefully Adam Johnson can make his case for the World Cup. The city crowd is renowned for liking our wingers and he has made a good impression so far.

What sort of line-up will be put out against us?

Ono: A defensive one

Immaculate Pasta: 4-3-1-2 - Given, Richards, Toure, Lescott, Bridge, Vieria, De Jong, Barry, Johnson, Adebayor, Tevez. If Kompany is fit he should replace Toure IMO.

TheLegendOfBerti: God knows. Mancini likes to tinker and not settle on a team, so it'll likely be an ultra-defensive 4-3-1-2, with 3 defensive midfielders for no good reason. I'd like to see a 4-3-3 like under Hughes, with Ireland, Barry, De Jong the midfield trio with Bellamy, Sweep and Tevez the front 3. If Tevez and Bellamy aren't back in time play Johnson and Santa Cruz.

Richard: At a guess - Given, Richards, Toure, Lescott, Bridge, SWP, Barry, De Jong, Johnson, Tevez, Adeabayor

Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Ono: 'We're not really here' Born during the away trips at the likes of Macclesfield, although i'm not sure if it didn't begin with an away game at Millwall where we weren't allowed any fans into the stadium. Either way it's carried on.

Immaculate Pasta: All the pro city chants are my favourite.

TheLegendOfBerti: You can join us in a chorus of "Adebayor, Adebayoooorrr, Tell Wayne Rooney, It's Adebayor's" if you want, otherwise I'll let the South Stand dictate any new songs we come up with specially for you, and the good ol' "Blue Moon" of course.

Richard: We quite fond of laughing at Uniteds financial demise. The latest song being : U-N-I-T-E-D, That Spells Fucking Debt to me, with a nick nack paddy wack give a dog a bone, Ocean Finance one the phone.

Obviously to the tune of their pathetic little nursery rhyme they have going

It's clear the fight for fourth is well and truly on, Liverpool have the Top 4 experience, You have the point to prove, Spurs have the squad & Aston Villa have the 'long ball'. Where do you expect each to finish, and what do you make of the proposed playoffs for the final CL spot.?

Ono: Personally i think you have an easier run in and the experience. Having said that, we have players who also have that experience, albeit with different teams. It will be close and i think Sunday's result will have a huge bearing. Not keen on the playoff idea. I can't help thinking it's going to be another way of keeping the big clubs in the CL, because i've never really seen it mentioned when the top 4 was set in stone in England. Only seems to have been brought up in a season where one of the top 4 (you in this case) isn't in a great position to qualify for the Champions League...thus the play-off giving you another chance at qualifying if you or any of the other top 3 were to miss out on 4th in the future. All that aside, there would be no point in the league table if stuff was going to come down to one-off games. 38 games is long enough to decide who the best 4 are imo.

Immaculate Pasta: I expect it to look like:-
4. City
5. Spurs
6. Liverpool
7. Villa

Proposed play offs is a great idea, it would make the league more interesting and competitive towards the end of the season. The main reason they are proposing it is so they can have the final in another country as it's clear they desparetly want that "39th game"

TheLegendOfBerti: We'll finish 4th, you 5th, Spurs 6th and Villa 7th. You may have experience, but you lack quality and technical ability and you have 3 good players in your squad(Reina, Torres and Gerrard). The rest are decent(Benayoun, Agger, Johnson) or dog awful(Degen, N'Gog, Lucas, Aquilani). It's a shame you don't still have Voronin and Dossena though.

Richard: I see it as another way of the FA making sure the top 4 clubs stay together. If you dont finish in the top 4, hey have another chance. I cant see Spurs or Villa lasting the pace so its down to us. You have the easier run it, but it will be close. Sunday will be crucial. I can see quite a few Steven ' I dont Dive ' Gerrard specials happening.

Care to predict the score?

Ono: Yeah i think you'll do us, 2-1

Immaculate Pasta: 3-1 City

TheLegendOfBerti: 4-2 to City.

Richard: City 2 - 1 Scousers

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