Tottenham V Liverpool: Spyin' Kop 16/08/09

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Tottenham Hotspur V Liverpool


16th August 2009

Tottenham Honours:

Football League Champions
1950-51, 1960-61
F.A.Cup Winners
1900-01, 1920-21, 1960-61, 1961-62, 1966-67, 1980-81, 1981-82, 1990-91
Football League Cup Winners
 1970-71, 1972-73, 1998-99, 2007-08
UEFA Cup Winners
 1971-72, 1983-84
F.A.Charity Shield Winners
1920-21, 1951-52, 1961-62, 1962-63, 1967-68 (joint), 1981-82 (joint), 1991-92 (joint)
Costa Del Sol Tournament Winners (had to leave the benidorm cup in!)

It is finally upon us! The day we’ve been looking forward to for weeks. And after a few months of keeping track of transfer news, watching friendlies and playing youtube vids of  Madrid and mancs away, the time has finally come.
“And now yer gonna believe us” was the sentiment expressed at many of our games last season and most memorably at Fulham away. I think it was following that game that a ‘surge’ of real belief swept us off our feet and everyone was occupied by full on enthusiasm and confidence. As we all well know, it wasn’t to be.
But now as we gear ourselves up to the opening game the season, prepare our voices for full throttle, start watching a bit of Championship football to warm us up and begin guessing the starting X1 for the game… the FA make us all wait an extra fuckin day. Typical.
Anyway, “Sometimes equalled, Never bettered” was the banner displayed when we last met Spurs at the end of 08/09. Which is great. As long as ‘they’ don’t get any more! However it’s now up to us, to reclaim our League Title and get it back in the trophy cabinet as Kenny did nineteen years ago.

Therefore, let battle commence! And let every single one of us commit ourselves to our team 100%, though the thick and the thin – the 0-0’s (:P) and the thrashings at Old Trafford and come May, hopefully, we can lift the big one in the air (no, not doessena) and get Fergie off his ‘F*ckin Perch’!
So to White Hart Lane where we hope for no repeat of last years match there!         
May I be the first to say COME ON REDMEN!!

Thanks to the sound lads from who didnt bite my head off for posting on their forum!

What are your expectations for this season?

Basskadet: I have learned not to expect anything from a Premier League season. I hope that we can finish in the top 6 but I won't expect anything. I just want us to concentrate on winning our 1st game (should be easy ;)) & go from there!

Contrast: To get ourselves back into Europe next season, and to finally chalk up a League victory against Arsenal. A nice meeting with Liverpool at Wembley wouldn't be bad to throw on top aswell I suppose!

BatchSpurs: Well, a good start this time round would be nice. If we can achieve that I'd be more than happy. A good run in the F.A. Cup is something I'm looking for this year too, hopefully we'll avoid the Mancs in the early rounds this year! I think as for the league I'd be pleased with 7th and above.

1990Hotspur: anything that is an improvement on last season.....really want us to be consistent in the performances we give and use of the ball. will be hard this year, everton, villa and probably man city but i feel we're a better than most those sides so i'l echo whats been said and say about 6th...

You’ve made a couple of summer signings including Crouch, and obviously gratefully took Keane back of us, how do you see that partnership working?

Basskadet: I am a little bit concerned where the goals are going to come from with Crouch & Keane as both like to drop deep. If the Partnership can get going, then great, but I can't see it starting with a bang personally. I think Pav & Defoe look far more threatening. Both have been on fire in pre-season & both have an eye for goal. Pava will be like a new signing for us this season I am sure! We have 4 great strikers at the club now tho, each with their own strengths & weaknesses, so we will see any combination as the season progresses.

Contrast: Its going to be too hard to tell until after a month or two into the season. Obviously with Defoe and Pavlyuchenko at the club aswell, I think we have another catch 22 situation where it is very unlikley that one specific partership will get a long enough run in the team to be a force.

BatchSpurs: Well in Crouch we've got something we were crying out for last year, a target, and a big one at that. I'm just hoping that we don't sacrifice our taste for stylish football for the sake of lumping it up to the big man. Personally I wasn't too happy to take Keane back after last summers activity but he's definitely had a good effect so he's somewhat forgiven. As for our striking options we're miles better off than last year (Bent, Pav and Campbell!!!!!) and I can't see any reason why any of the 4 wouldn't be able to flourish together. Crouch and Keane specifically should work well, I think they should both be able to serve each other a few chances, Crouch with his holding play and Keane with his clever play.

1990Hotspur: it would be a great partnership. personally see keane in a much better light than Defoe so would choose him every time. I think many liverpool fans wanted keano to be given more time at pool, but it wasn't to be, even though I still think he would have come good for you.....
if we dont play the long ball to crouch all the time then I think he'll be a huge hit, coz technically he’s pretty good......

Were you disappointed with 8th place last year, can you better it?

Basskadet: As I believe any Spurs fan would say given our woeful start, 8th place was not only acceptable but it was incredible!

Contrast: Any other season, finishing 8th would of been pretty poor, but when you put it into perspective and see where we were at Christmas, and how shocking the season started, finishing 8th and losing to Manchester United on pens at Wembley turned out to be a bit of an alright!! As for being able to better the finish, I can't see any reason why not! Crouch is definitely an improvement on Bent, Bassong gives us cover for our defensive crocks and the side is finally a settled bunch of lads!

BatchSpurs: Not a chance, after the fiasco of early season to get within 2pts of Europe is a fantastic achievement in my eyes and just shows what we're capable of. I think we can hopefully do as good, if not possibly better, but it's gonna be even more challenging this time round with the unknown quantity of Man City and the consistently over-average Villa and Everton; I can see it being as tight at the top this year as the bottom was last year!

1990Hotspur: Definitely to begin with...I think you must have heard of our pre-season form last year? That got our ambitions up and what followed really hit us hard.

On the flip side we now have a great manger and a better structure to our club. (no director of football) so to end up 8th I was pretty chuffed as we played some great stuff along the way....last game of the season against you I was a little miffed as we could have made our push for Europe that much closer.

Who do you think is your most important player(s)?

Basskadet: Modric is really developing into 1 of Tottenham's great layers & he is clearly the player who provides our main threat. However, our most important players, in my opinion, are our defenders. We've always scored goals at the Lane so if we can keep them out the other end we'll have a great campaign. Last season our central defenders were the best in the entire league at Home (statistically) so much depends on their fitness this time around.

Contrast: When Ledley King plays, he simply is the most important player. I don't know the exact stat, but whenever he starts our win percentage is a lot better than when he doesn't. I think Luka Modric this season could well turn into a creative, match winning star that we have missed since Dimitar Berbatov left.

Our most important player, I think this season it's gonna be Modric, the guy is pure class. We look an entirely different proposition with him on the pitch, he combines the OLD Keano's vision and intelligence with (dare i say it) glimpses of a touch on the ball that resembles a certain sulky bulgarian.. I think if we can keep a hold of Modric he's gonna become central to the team.

1990Hotspur: Our two wide men in Lennon and modric. Me personally keano is amazing, as is king even with the injury. I will add Gomes to that list just because of the bravery he showed last season.

Your worst player(s)?

Basskadet: I'm loathe to describe any player who pulls on a Lilywhite shirt as "our worst player" but the ones who are perhaps not as good as everyone else are Kevin-Prince Boateng, Gareth Bale & Gio Dos Santos. However, they are all 3 good players & much relies on confidence, form & fitness. They certainly have it all to prove this year.

Contrast: Kevin Prince-Boateng. Moody arrogant git. Couldn't cut it with us, got shipped off to Germany for a year, and they didn't even want the former "German Young player of the Year" back for keeps. Saying that, if there is a man that can get any sort of good form out of him, it is definatley Harry Redknapp!!

BatchSpurs: Pretty difficult to pick a worst player coz obviously I'm biased but in terms of biggest let-down and consistent underperformer it's gotta be between Bentley, Bale and Dos Santos. All 3 have a lot to prove this year, and hopefully will get a bit of game-time to do it. Personally I'd go with Bale as I really am a fan of the guy but he has had some injuries and confidence problems which have sadly set him back in his development. Confidence this year is key for all 3 of those players mentioned so we'll see how it goes.

1990Hotspur: I really don't know. Jenas is inconsistent which is so frustrating and made even worse because we know he could be so good.
EDIT: Just saw someone post chimbo's name which is a great shout........why we haven't sold him yet is a mystery to me.

Any memorable game spring to mind between us?

Basskadet: Having been a child growing up in the 80's I shall forever remember doing the double (Home & Away) over you lot in the 86/87 season. Liverpool were undoubtedly the best team of that era but Spurs were pretty handy themselves that season & I shall never know how we failed to have something to show for it! The Away game at Anfield particularly sticks in my mind as the ever-present Clive Allen bagged our winner despite some of the best goalkeeping (from both Clemence & Grobelaar) I have ever witnessed. A great, great game!

Contrast: Any game where you beat one of the big four in the last minute is always memorable, so the game at the Lane early last season sticks out. And another recent game when Erik Edman scored THAT goal at the Kop End. Beautifull.

BatchSpurs: Well last year at the lane you really came at us (hitting the crossbar and post twice if i remember correctly) and to come out of that game with not only a point but 3 was pretty special. I think that helped us a lot. Also, not a bad thing to be the first team that beat you in the league!!

1990Hotspur: My memory is terrible......guess the only ones I can think of are the two home games last season. Out of those 2 I would say the home game in the league was the better result as we were the first team to beat you last season and it kept our run against the top 4 going.

Any young up and coming players in the squad that we might not know about?

Basskadet: Plenty, thank you! Seriously though, John Bostock, Jon Obika, Ryan Mason, Danny Rose, Steven Caulker, Andros Townsend, Jake Livermore are all players who will have a bright future ahead of them. Another player who has already earned his full debut for us aged just 16 in last year's UEFA Cup is Dean Parrett. He is often compared to a young Steven Gerrard by the press although I myself would rather not place such pressure on the kid. However, whilst clearly lacking Gerrard's class, you can certainly see why people say that as he is a midfielder who leads by example, can pass, tackle & score & is certainly 1 to watch.

Contrast: Danny Rose is the only young'un from our highly successful Academy side we had last year that hasn't been sent out on loan for some first team match experience it seems. He was a suprise call up to the England U21 team in the summer, and may well be on the bench come the weekend.

BatchSpurs: Well we've got plenty coming through this year hopefully, but quite a few have already gone out on loan. Personally I'm hoping to see more from GDS and Bale, they're still quite young, and our recent purchase Naughton seems like a real find. But if we're talking about emerging talent from the Youth/Reserves then any one of John Bostock, Jon Obika, Jake Livermore or Danny Rose could be seeing more game time this year. I'd watch out for Rose, think left footed Lennon, but a bit rougher round the edges!
1990Hotspur: Just echoing what the others have said with, Bostock, Livermore, Rose and Obika seeming to be the next batch to come through.

I would also like to say that (even though not youth products) Dos Santos, Bale, Naughton and to an extent Huddlestone and Boateng are all still young and I hope they show that they are not just "potential".

First game of the season, who’s in the starting XI, what sort of formation?

Basskadet: Wouldn’t you like to know!

GK: Gomes

RB: Corluka
CB: Bassong
CB: King
LB: Assou-Ekkoto

RM: Lennon
CM: Palacios
CM: Jenas
LM: Modric

CF: Keane
Cf: Defoe/ Pavlyuchenko

BatchSpurs: Well if I was picking it then.....

Corluka - King - Bassong - Assou-Ekotto
Lennon - Palacios - Huddlestone - Modric
Defoe - Pavlyuchenko a bog standard 4-4-2

1990Hotspur: I’d say it is most likely going to be......





Favourite/half decent chant?

Basskadet: "Glory,Glory" of course! & yes, that United scum did nick it off of us by the way! Anything by Chas'n'Dave will do me also!

Contrast: When Manchester City came to WHL, with old Noel Gallagher following and the chant of "YOU'RE JUST A S**T CHAS AND DAVE S**T CHAS AAAAAND DAAAAAAAAAAVE", aimed at him made me chuckle quite a lot over the summer. But you can never beat the old When the Spurs go Marching In chant we've got going in the last couple of years!

BatchSpurs: My fave has to be "Que Sera Sera.." coz that always means good times ahead! We've been singing it for the last 2 seasons so hopefully we'll get to this year too!!!!
1990Hotspur: COYS

Where do you expect Tottenham and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League?

Basskadet: Like I said, I don't expect anything from the Premier League as you just never know what might happen. All I will say is you really should not have sold both Arbeloa & Alonso.

Contrast: Tottenham could finish 5th or 6th, and I think Liverpool will finally have the better of Manchester United. . . . just not Chelsea. 2nd again I think.

BatchSpurs: Well like I said earlier, I'm hoping we at least do aswell as last year and hopefully a little better, 7th upwards for me. As for your lot I was hoping you'd mount an even better title challenge this time round, but after the sale of Arbeloa and Alonso, and purchasing a crocked replacement for the latter, I'm not as confident. Big season for Rafa I reckon, see what he's capable of with full control! 1st-3rd obviously but I'm gonna go for 3rd unless Rafa gets some more bodies in.

1990Hotspur: I'd say 6th and 3rd respectively.

Do you fancy yourselves for a trophy?

Basskadet: We've been very decent in the Carling Cup recently & I would hope we get there or thereabouts again this year. Without having a European distraction I would think we will be even stronger domestically but then it all depends on the luck of the draw. We've had some extremely tough FA Cup runs recently (getting Man U early on for the last 2 years in a row) but, given our history in the competition, I would love to see us give it a real go this year.

Contrast: We've always got a shout in the Carling Cup with the likes of Liverpool not putting first elevens out, but a nice FA Cup would be pretty amazing, especially as we have no Europe to crock the Kings and Woodgates this year!

BatchSpurs: I'd love to say the F.A. Cup, but realistically I'd be happy with the Quarters or better. In recent years we've become pretty much Carling Cup specialists so we should be strong in that too hopefully. 1 of the 2 would be nice!

1990Hotspur: Hoping to make it 3 league cup finals on the trot but would love to get to the FA cup final as we seem to always fall short at the semis

Which Liverpool player will you fear the most?

Basskadet: Stevando Torrard

Contrast: Steven Gerrard, every day of the week. If Liverpool and himself are playing crap, you just KNOW that he can turn the game on it's head in 2 seconds. A player we won't be fearing is Jamie Carragher though!! Think he's scored more for us in recent years than our own defenders.

BatchSpurs: Aside from the obvious match winners of Torres and Gerrard (who go without saying!!) I'm a big fan of Mascherano. He's the one I'd "fear" with his crunching tackles, the last thing we want is Modric or Palacios out for a few months!!

1990Hotspur: Definitely Torres and Gerrard, both can turn a game in an instant. I also think Mascherano is a brilliant player at what he does.

Score prediction?

Basskadet: Given that both of us are struggling defensively, it could be a high-scoring game. So I'm going for a 0-0.

Contrast: 1-1, including a Jamie Carragher own goal. Although if Crouch or Keane could score it would still be quite sweet!

BatchSpurs: My heart won't let me go for a loss, but my head won't let me say win - so I'm gonna say a score draw. I'll say 2 - 2 with 2 from Torres and 1 each for Pav and Defoe

1990Hotspur: Going to plump for 3-1 spurs.



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