Posted by john_mac on April 12, 2004, 05:34:43 PM

On a sad day when he players in the red shirts could have been described as giving a feeble lack-lustre performance perhaps the most pathetic performance at Anfield lay away from the playing staff.

A Newcastle fan approached the staff in Liverworld to get the words "Justice for the 96" printed on the back of his Newcastle shirt. Ironically, in the week of the date that marks the fifteenth anniversary of the disaster, the staff at Liverworld told the Newcastle fan that they could not do it because the top had not been bought there.

It may have been appropriate at this stage for somebody to point out that they don't stock Newcastle shirts at Liverworld.

Luckily enough somebody took the opportunity to point out the HJC shop and Gerry has made arrangement to have the lettering printed on the back of the shirt.

Well done Liverpool FC, own goals all around.

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