An old codger's view on: Any Tom, DIC or Parry

Posted by WOOLTONIAN on February 29, 2008, 08:58:49 AM

Whatever next?

I've just been reading a thread regarding "Hicks - Sandon II", concerning an invite by a pub director to the owner of the club to pop in for a chat. The following is my opinion having kept my gob shut all week, but having read liquorice allsorts since last weekend.

Holding any meeting in a pub is starting on the wrong foot. And as for a set agenda on any questions for current or future owners, isn't that how we do things in a democracy. Does anyone believe Prime Ministers question time agenda is not set in advance?

Any meeting with the club directors should be held inside Anfield, away from the prying eyes of the press, That way we will not get the media whores trying to get their name in the papers. Representatives from all independent bodies such as SOS, Share LFC, the original Liverpool Supporters Club on Lower Breck Road and perhaps editors of the fanzines and independent website should make up the floor.

I have been reading all the threads lately but have decided holding my tongue was the wisest move. Having had time now to reflect on all I've read, I'm seriously wondering what fans want. Do we want foreign ownership ? It doesn't look like we do.

We've had fans as shareholders, but the decision was taken to sell out. We've had a Scouser (Steve Morgan) try and take control and most  ebsites cringed at the possibility of him taking us down the PLC route. Wouldn't SOS and SLFC do exactly the same? Who would fund the new stadium if we buy our club back? Who would finance Rafa's next £25-50 million tantrum in the next transfer window ?

None of us like what we're seeing under the current regime. But is there anyone who has all the answers? Do you honestly believe DIC will have the support of all the fans? Do you think we as fans, would be happy with another Abramovic who basically see his club as a "Boys Toy"?

I'm not clever enough business wise to make any judgements. And I remember my Grandfather's advice "keep quiet and let people think you are an idiot rather than open your mouth and prove it beyond doubt". My forte, if I have one is writing about The History of Liverpool Football Club and avoiding day to day issues. Where history teaches us what we think on the spur of the moment is replaced by more "common sense" decisions on later reflection. But as they say if there is one thing not common it's common sense.

Jumping on the SOS or the Share LFC bandwagon, when frankly you don't fully understand their agenda is to me foolhardy. I'll start listening to parties when they announce their financial structure for the next five years including payment of the new stadium. The next line I'm waiting to hear is, lets start a "Stay at Anfield" party i.e. avoiding the largest payment we have in our foreseeable future. Buying back the shares might put the club back in the hands of the fans, but who is going to stump up the new stadium cost and the transfer kitty for the next 5 years?

Before we jump out of the frying pan and into the fire I would hope fans who are business-minded have a long hard look at any future purchasers' financial manifesto, thus being 100% sure the next move is the right move. Otherwise what currently seems like a storm blowing through the hallowed halls may well turn into a force 9 tornado. And the words of the song will change to "At the end of the storm..... now, there will be a bigger one brewing". Remember this, a tug of war always ends up with one side having their faces in the mud.

If you must choose a side make your selection wisely otherwise you will end up with a muddy face. If like me you are not business minded enough to understand everything, my advice is to sit on the fence and just hope and pray for a successful outcome.

It's not embarrassing to abstain from making an ill-judged decision. My stance has been and always will be, I am a football fan who supports 11 players on the park. I don't make management decisions and I do not make decisions at board level.

As Shankly once said, "the Directors are only here to sign the cheques, I'm here to prepare the team for the next game and the fans are here to support the team".

Right now it appears we want to select the directors, the manager wants to take his ball home if he doesn't get his own way, and the directors want to drink in the bloody Sandon.

What a Cockeyed world we live in.

If you consider abstaining from voting cowardly, be ready to accept the responsibility of the decision you make.

The truth at the moment is as fans we're constantly being asked to choose sides. Even when we put aside the differences between owners and manager another crack appears. Gerrard's now not a happy bunny (again). And it appears after watching Rafa go 6 rounds with the owners, he wants to jump in the ring and take him to the distance. The hacks this morning are talking about The fans siding with Steven Gerrard over Rafa Benitez.

Well I'm sorry both parties now look like their emphasis is improving their own CVs rather than building something together. I've always hated the side of Gerrard we see every now and again: the "I'm the Billy Big Bollocks" me me me. And I'm not a big fan of Rafa when he does his "I'm taking my ball home if I cant get my own way".

As Big as Ron Yeats was and as hard as Tommy Smith was, could you see either of them trying a stunt like that with Shanks. Billy was the boss and no one ever questioned Shankly's command. I seem to remember Souness attempting the "I'm the Billy Big Bollocks" with Uncle Bob. And wasn't it Paul Ince who last tried to be "Gaffer" if only in name.

Great players come and go, but if I'm ever asked to vote my allegiance between a player and a manager, I'm sorry the player is on the bus out of town (or more likely in a bloody Ferrari that we've paid for).

Not content with watching our club tear itself into splinter groups, I've noticed recently than fan base doing exactly the same, SOS, Shares LFC, AFC Liverpool. What's next The Walton Breck Bankers?

The only way to get a say in matters concerning the club (and I'm not suggesting the club will listen) is to unite under a single banner, prepare an agenda for the possible meeting and stick to it. Don't let anyone digress into trivial matters just so you can come out of the meeting claiming to have scored a few points.

I know this piece will not be popular but I cannot believe I am the only fan that is totally confused about what's going on both on and off the park. Remember the old Anny Road chant "The Road End united will never be defeated"?

If the club are having difficulty 'Houlding' it all together, lets show them for Gods sake, that we will not be split into small factions. We should all sing from the same song sheet in the spirit of the Old Kop.

"The Kopites united, will never be defeated,
the Kopites united, will never be defeated"

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