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Next up for Liverpool is a tricky away match at West Ham. The Reds ran out 2-1 winners last season at The Boelyn Ground last season with Dirk Kuyt and Peter Crouch getting Liverpool's goals. Kepo Blanco, on his West Ham debut, got a late goal for the Hammers to insure a tense final few minutes but Liverpool claimed the victory. Liverpool travel to London on the back of 4 straight Premier League draws but in that time have managed to progress to the 6th Round of the FA Cup having beaten Luton, in a replay 5-0, and Havant and Waterlooville 5-2. The Reds will be without injured duo Alvaro Arbeloa and Andriy Voronin, while former Hammer Javier Mascherano misses out on a return to his old club through suspension.

West Ham United v Liverpool
The Boelyn Ground [Upton Park]
Kick off: 7.45

* European Cup Winners' Cup Winners: 1964-65
* European Cup Winners' Cup Runners Up: 1975-76
* UEFA Intertoto Cup Winners: 1999-2000

* FA Cup Winners: 1964, 1975, 1980
* FA Cup Runners Up: 1923, 2006
* Division Two Champions: 1957-1958, 1980-81
* Charity Shield: 1964 (shared)
* Football League Championship Play-Off Winners: 2005
* Football League Championship Play-Off Runners Up: 2004


Highest league attendance: 42,322 v Tottenham Hotspur, Division One, 17 October 1970
Lowest league attendance: 4,373 v Doncaster Rovers, Division Two, 24 February 1955

Biggest Transfer fee paid: £7.50 million to Liverpool FC for Craig Bellamy (July 2007)
Biggest Transfer fee received: £18 million from Leeds United for Rio Ferdinand (November 2000)

Player records


1. 793 Billy Bonds 1967-88
2. 674 Frank Lampard Sr. 1967-85
3. 646 Bobby Moore 1958-74
4. 635 Trevor Brooking 1967-84
5. 600 Alvin Martin 1977-96


1. 326 Vic Watson 1920-35
2. 252 Geoff Hurst 1959-72
3. 166 John Dick 1953-63
4. 166 Jimmy Ruffell 1921-37
5. 146 Tony Cottee 1983-88/1994-96

Spyin' Kop: For this weeks answers I quizzed RAWKITE and resident Hammer, Okkervil as well as a few members from West Ham United forum: Knee's Up Mother Brown (KUMB). Thanks all.

1. How has the season been shaping up so far?

Okkervil - I'm relatively pleased to be honest, there is a clear gap both in points and quality between us and the bottom 7 or 8 clubs, and considering the horrors of last season and the terrible injuries we have had this season, that'll do me for the present.

mattjp - Pretty well. Considering the incredible amount of injuries we've had, to have a safe mid-table position with a possibility of still challenging for the European positions is good going. A solid defence has been the key to this.

sanchoz - All I ask of West Ham is that they dont lose to Sp*rs twice in the season and dont get relegated. We drew with them and will not be relegated so its win win.

2. What are your expectations for this season? Have they changed from day one?

Okkervil - Hmmmm.. Not really. I was hoping for a top half finish this season and not to be involved in any sort of relegation issues. If we can improve our home form then we've got an outside chance of a European place this season.

mattjp - Pretty much as I've said above, mid-table with an outside shot at Europe was where I expected us to be. The injuries as the season have gone on have maybe restricted us, but we've kept ourselves there or there abouts.

sanchoz - Along the lines of answer one but the 1/4 final of the Carling Cup was unexpected and dropping out of the FA Cup so early was disapointing.

3. Who have been your best and worst players of the season so far?

Okkervil - Best: Carlton Cole has been the story of the season for me. We have had to rely on him. Hes clearly not a great footballer, but his effort and improvement this season is appreciated and admirable. Upson, McCartney and Green deserve mentions for me.
Worst: Cant complain about too many this season. Those who have played regularly have in general done pretty well. Boa Morte is a waste of space IMO though!

mattjp - George McCartney, Matty Upson and Rob Green have been the top three. Almost everpresents in a solid back line. Carlton Cole has improved his game and led the line well with others absence. At the other end of things, I can't remember Boa Morte having had a good game for us really.

sanchoz - If you had to pick one player then George McCartney. Worse...... Camara

4. Do you have a particular memory of any previous meeting between our clubs? Say something that happened to you that day or a decision you disagreed with?

Okkervil - My dad is a Liverpool fan, so i have quite a few memories of him gloating. Worst of all was his his face after Gerrard's equaliser in the cup final. It will live with me forever. Totally gutting.

mattjp - The obvious FA Cup final aside, probably the Premier League fixture a couple of weeks before it. Webb sent off Mullins and Garcia for a bit of handbags, ruling them both out of the final. I thought it was an unnecessary decision for what was a pretty tame incident. I was really disappointed for Mullins on a personal level, he was a big part of that season.

sanchoz - Bit of a loaded question there with 2006 so fresh in the mind ;)

5. Javier Mascherano and Yossi Benayoun, in my opinion, have both been excellent this season. How disappointed were you to let both of these go and particularly now, seeing Mascherano doing so well in the Premier League after failing to make an impact at West Ham?

Okkervil - When Masch went i really didn't give a shit, you cant really miss what you've never had! I was disappointed to see Yossi go, but only because we thought he had signed a new contract. I'm glad Yossi is doing well, hes a nice lad, and hes been out of the treatment room more than i though he would be!

mattjp - We never saw the best of Mascherano, but you could tell he had the makings of a class player in the little we saw of him. I think it's pretty obvious that non-footballing reasons kept him out of the team, and for that reason I don't see him as that much of a 'loss' to the club - I hardly felt we had him in the first place.

As for Benayoun, a difficult one. The circumstances of his leaving left a bitter taste, having pledged his future to us and agreed a 5 year contract in all but writing. A class player on his day, but went missing for big parts of last season in terms of performance. Prioritised Israel over us at times, missing our games with injury and then playing the international game the next week was a bit of a pattern. Doesn't surprise me he's doing well at Liverpool - he's a good player when he's up for it.

sanchoz - Benayouns head was turned after a bid that was only designed to register intrest rather then be serious was lodged. Rafa then comes out and says "We will wait and see what happens" which means wait for Yossi to kick up a stink and move after saying he wanted to stay at West Ham and play (his words not mine) "Infront of the best fans in the world". Mascherano is a strange one.......

6. How has former Red Craig Bellamy settled at West Ham? Unfortunately he's struggled a bit with injuries since his move - has he perfected his golf swing yet?

Okkervil - I'm looking forward to Bellamy finally getting a run in the side. Hes a twat, but hes our twat and he can win games. I'm sure behind the scenes he has settled in well, despite what the gutter press say and his golf clubs are in the boot of whatever bling car he is driving.

mattjp - Started to look really sharp just before he got injured. We're missing that pace up front at the moment.

sanchoz - He is the nutter with a putter so yes, he has setlled in fine.

7. What sort of line-up will be put out against us?

Okkervil - Green, Linda, Upson, Anton, Neill, Ethers, Mullins, Noble, Ljungberg, Ashton, Cole would be my choice.

mattjp - As strong as is available. At a guess...

Neill Ferdinand Upson McCartney
Ljungberg Noble Mullins Etherington
Cole Ashton

sanchoz - Two up Ashton and Cole, Boa Morte dropped and Bowyer and Noble in the middle. Same back five as against Man City in the league

8. Do you have any favourite/best chant(s) and perhaps any that require an explanation?

Okkervil - Bubbles, obviously. I'm sure some mildly amusing Northern/Southern type jibes will make an appearance!

mattjp - Not really. I think they're mostly self-explanatory. Johnny Pantsil has become a bit of a cult hero after the Emirates, but as he's off at the African Cup there'll probably not be too many Pantsil chants.

sanchoz - My name is Ludo Miklosko. I come from near Moscow, I play in goal for West Ham (West Ham), When I walk down the street, everyone that I meet says OI BIG BOY (repeat). Explanation? Not really it just goes well.

9. Where do you expect West Ham and Liverpool to finish in the Premier League? Also who do you think will win the 4 major honours?

Okkervil - I think we'll come in a steady 10th. Your lot will finish 4th and make it much harder work than it needs to be. Mancs will take the league, cup double for Chelsea. Cant call the Champions League.

mattjp - Liverpool have got a scrap on for 4th, but I think they'll get it. We'll finish somewhere between 7th and 10th I hope, but hard to say where.

Man Utd for the Prem
Liverpool or Chelsea for the FA Cup.
Hopefully Chelsea beat Sp*rs in the League Cup.
Barca perhaps for the Champs League.

sanchoz - Liverpool could finish anywhere between 4th and 8th. West Ham to stay in 10th and grow roots

10. If you could have 3 Liverpool players from our squad, who would they be?

Okkervil - Gerrard, Torres and Babel

mattjp - Unrealistic obviously, but Torres, Gerrard and Carragher.

sanchoz - Agger (and not because he is injured!), Xabi Alonso and Crouch

11. There seemed to be a fair few Reds drinking in the Central Bar last season. Which pub would you recommend for Liverpool supporters on Wednesday?

Okkervil - Drink where you like, i couldn't give a shit. My Spud gov wouldn't give me the time off work to go

mattjp - I'll leave that to someone who knows their stuff more. I only really know the home pubs.

sanchoz - Drink on the way down

12. Finally, care to predict a score?

Okkervil - 2-2. At least thats what Ive put in the prediction thread.

mattjp - Draw or Liverpool win. We never seem to beat you :(

sanchoz - Its West Ham so I cant.

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