An Open Letter to the Owners of Liverpool FC. Please sign if you agree.

Posted by Armin on January 17, 2008, 12:18:26 PM

Dear Messrs Gillet and Hicks,

This morning it's possible to open any newspaper in this country and read of the shambles that is Liverpool FC.

In the past we hit the headlines for different reasons, for the trophies won, the honours bestowed upon the club. It was always other clubs that turned their internal affairs into a public soap opera, we looked on in wry amusement, thankful it wasn't us, not 'The Liverpool Way'.

Even when times have been bad on the pitch, Liverpool FC was a source of pride for its supporters. We could point to the quiet dignity with which the club did its business. The sure touch behind the scenes and the unequivocal backing it gave to the man in charge.

In under a year you've managed what many would have thought impossible, not only have you squandered the genuine goodwill you inherited from a carefully staged takeover, but you've destroyed the club's hard won reputation for professionalism and discretion. I can honestly say that if you'd purposely set out to wreck your investment and destroy your credibility with its supporters I doubt you could have done a more thorough job.

Today, as joint owners of Liverpool Football Club you preside over a shamefully undermined manager, an allegedly divided board and a global fanbase horrified at the harm you've done to the most successful club in British football. Quite an achievement.

By all accounts you're finalising a new loan to cover your purchase of the club. What was presented as an investment would become something quite different. Against assurances to the contrary, it seems you mean to settle your debts on the club.

Please, enough. The gap between the fine words and your actions has grown too far. Forget the loan, if there's an offer on the table please accept it, take your windfall and depart. You have other interests to which you can easily turn, we have only one club and it is precious to us.

The trust you have squandered cannot be won back with a PR campaign, player purchases or some slick renderings of a new stadium. Please end this sorry debacle and leave before the unholy mess you've created on this side of the Atlantic gets any worse.


Matt Owen
John Bradley
David Gill
Bill Urban
Matt Ladson
Mark Hayhurst
Nigel Kavanagh
Saif Dulaimi
Sandra Ireland
Josh Blamire
Angie Woolfall
Kellie White
Rob Jones
George Hill
D Cowling
K Farrugia
Paul Petersen
Esben Christensen
B Hegarty
Dan Symonds
Darren Archer
Matthew Bourke
Ben Nelson
Nathan Delaney
Craig Gregory
Mike Blomquist
Sam Becker
David Lawrence
Ben Nelson
Alex Davis
Bren O' Buachalla
Ian Humphreys
D Brewster
Jayesh Patel
E. Caffrey
Darren Page
Roy Henderson
Robert Muir
Tammouz AL-Saad
David Ooi
Yvonne Oldham
Gareth Evans
David O Flaherty
Shaun Cutting
Peter Lundgren
Alex Michaels
Ian J Arnold
Justin Collins
Billy Chambers
Terry O'Shea
Gerard Harraghy
Alison Crook
Phil McMenemy
Dai Edwardes-Evans
Gavin McAllister
Connie Hui
Paul McKenzie-Jones
Andy Hamnett
Sumit Khan
Andrew Maloney
RM Murali
Mark Ballard
Chris Baker
Derek Chin
Mathew Cyriac
Shiraz Hoosen
Phil Mullaney
Jonas Eriksson
Robert Roberts
Britta Scherer
Mimi Simon
Hamdi Mohamad
P Burnard
Kelvin Gearing
A. Jaitly
Gav Ellis
Ivan Markovic
Paavo Matias Nurmi
Julie Carter
Simon Johnston
Dr. Jonathan Wolfson
Rickard Sandahl
Chris Keele
Steve Daley
Kit Nelson
Helena Lütken
Paul McDaid
Tony Belshaw

and others.

(c) Matt Owen 2008

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