A Liverpool share issue?

Posted by Rushian on January 13, 2004, 10:58:02 PM

There are talks currently underway at Everton between the club and Everton Shareholders' Association about organising a share issue to allow supporters to invest in the club. Initial discussions centre around a plan to issue 15,000 shares at £1000 each raising £15 million in total.

Celtic have had three successful share issues since Fergus McCann took over enabling them to remove much of the debt associated with the rebuilding of Celtic Park.

The last time Liverpool had a share issue was in the early 90s when we wanted to convert the Kemlyn Stand into the statuesque Centenary Stand - David Moores ended up underwriting the issue and paying for most of the shares himself when it was undersubscribed.

In light of this and LFC's plans to build a new stadium costing £80m would you buy a share in Liverpool?

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