L'pool v Leicester (the champions) - Square Puffy Cushion

Posted by CHOPPER on September 14, 2016, 05:06:16 PM

So, good passing, good running, stand looked ace, loads of sweaty clammy men satisfied after 90 enthralling minutes (and that was just the fans) and whilst being brilliant at times, some same old, age old inviting pressure on ourselves, problems. Highlight for me - was not worrying about the left back position for the first time in ages, Sturridge starting and looking more at home and Mignolet looking a lot more assured. Matip glides across the park like a ballroom dancer and Henderson as per, never hides, not matter what the detractors may say.
The only down side for me, was taking Sturridge off, nothing about favouritism from me, just I thought it would of been good/better man-management to have left him on - he looks to me like a player who needs to feel to be wanted.

Lets be avin you, master debaters!

PS, I sat on the round table and broke it, so its a puffy cushion for now. I'm sure we'll get some nails and bostik, and fix it soon enough.

PPS, lets not be too fuckin serious abar it, alright!

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