Spyin Kop West Brom v Liverpool Saturday 25th April 3pm

Posted by leivapool on April 21, 2015, 08:37:02 PM

Still depressed from the semi-final shambles,  but got my Baggies season ticket holding manager Rich to answer a few questions last Friday (obviously judging by the last answer!!) so thought I would put them up.  I respect his opinions highly when we do discuss football.  Interesting he wouldn't answer the Wisdom question for the post.  Whenever he has spoken to me about him he doesn't rate him at all,  say's he gets 'done like a kipper' far too often ad he won't make it for us - not sure why he wouldn't answer that one.

So, this season,  how’s it been compared to your expectations?

I expected that we would probably stay up as we have managed to over the last few years, but it would probably be a struggle. You never know whats going to happen with a change of manager.

Were you happy to lose Irvine and what are your thoughts on Tony Pulis getting the appointment?

Yes, happy to lose Irvine. I didn’t think he was the right man for the job when he was appointed and nothing he did in his time at the Albion made me think any different. I was happy with Pulis to a certain degree, I didn’t want Albion playing the football that he got Stoke playing (if you can call it football) but I saw the attacking style that was put into play when he went to Crystal Palace and thought there may be hope for some decent football and I knew he would tighten up the defence.

What do you think of how Pulis has you playing so far?

Difficult question to answer after the last few results. Up until then, the defence had tightened up, he had an impressive record with an impressive amount of clean sheets. We have conceded a lot of goals in the last few games and our ball possession has been very poor, you maybe don’t notice it as much when you are grinding out wins.

Who’s played well for you this season?

Berahino is an England star in the making, his goals have helped us and he has played well.

Who has been less than stellar?

Chris Brunt – Not a fans favourite. Pulis is currently unhappy with our natural full backs, so he is being played out of position at LB, his distribution from this position is poor and I dont he is good enough for the team anymore.

Some of our supporters rate Andre Wisdom as a future CB or RB for us?  How’s he been doing?  Any chance of making it for us?  What weaknesses have you seen in his game?

No comment :)

Any of our players you rate?

Sturridge is obviously a fantastic player! I really like Lucas, I see him as a sort of unsung hero, his ability to read the game off the ball is excellent. Sterling is brilliant!

The transfer window will soon be starting,  what are your hopes for your squad?

I hope we don’t purchase tall players and turn into a “hoof-it” football kind of team L Hopefully hold onto Berahino or sell him for a lot more than he’s worth

Any favourite Liverpool players,  past or present?
I always used to like Bruce Grobbelaar!!

Do you have any memories of  games between the two teams?

Got to be the 2012/13 season when we did the double over you! Beating Liverpool 3 – 0 at the start of the season really puts you on a high for how well you are going to do!! And then 2-0 on my birthday weekend was memorable.

What do make of our season so far?

Not the best start. I thought the loss of Suarez may have been showing through to begin with, seems now there will be life without him. An excellent start to this year though, really put a good run of results together, just a shame about the Arsenal and Manu U games!!

What are your thoughts on Brendan Rodgers?

I didn’t think he was the right man for the job, I thought Liverpool would have got a “bigger” name. He has done well though. I like the way he carries himself in interviews. A true professional.

Our pitch is dreadful,  how is yours?

Really? It’s good! I don’t ever really remember any comments being made about it. Although Tim Sherwood may have done at some point, but he’s a tosser so who cares what he thinks.

Predictions for the game?

Slight tangent here, Steven Gerrards last season at Liverpool and with the FA-Cup final on his birthday! Surely its written in the stars.
As for our game, Liverpool 3-1. You will have massive amounts of possession and eventually break us down. (I have to give Albion a conciliation goal even if I think it won’t happen).

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