Steve Cook, missing in Crete, can you help?

Posted by Armin on September 9, 2005, 01:24:56 PM

Many of you will already have heard of the plight of Liverpool supporter Steven Cook who went missing on the 1st September.   Anyone who reads knows what bright, cheerful and witty characters Steve and his brother are.   What you may not know is that Steven was a member of Rawk forums as well as YNWA.TV.  We'd like to do everything we can to try and get Steven back home to his family so please take a minute and read about his case.

The disappearance

It's now nine days since Steven was last seen following a night out in the resort town of Malia in Crete.  He flew out from Manchester on the 30th August and went out with his friends.  We know that Steven was in 'Mikes Bar' at the top end of Beach Street in Malia.  Steven was staying at the Frixos Hotel Malia.  His passport, return ticket and money were left in his room.  At the time he went missing Steven was wearing a pink t shirt and black combat trousers.  It should be stressed that this disappearance is completely out of character, Steven is not the kind of lad to leave his friends and family worrying about his whereabouts.

The Search

Steven's brothers Chris (Spike Starski/Fabgear) and Tony flew out to Crete, they've been helping to coordinate a series of search parties with the help of the local police force, as well as the ex-pat community on Crete and reps and holidaymakers in the resort.

Two days ago Steven was due to fly back from Crete but failed to turn up at the airport. Hospitals on the island have been contacted following reports of patients that matched Steven's description but unfortunately all the leads that have so far been followed up have come to nought.

Chris is in constant touch with friends and family back home and in one of his last communications said, “The police here are doing an excellent job, they are following every lead and every reported ‘unidentified’ lad who gets taken to hospital. They’ve had eight cars out searching and got a Land Rover out when the cars could not go any further”. He went onto praise the locals in Malia who have been supporting Chris in every way possible, “They have been brilliant, offering food and drink during the long day searching and have even joined in those searches”. Chris says he cannot thank them enough for what they are doing.

How can people help?

Take part in a search
As the searches still go on, the internet has become a great help in assisting his family over in Crete. Graham Mattingley – owner of the website - reacted to an appeal put on the site’s forums by Chris by organising seats on a flight to Malia by contacting First Choice who kindly donated those seats to friends of Steve and people who wish to help in the search for him.  The flight is scheduled to leave Manchester Airport around midnight on Friday, although it had been postponed it appears it's now back on and should you be able to help please get in touch by emailing:

Donate to the support fund
Obviously conducting a search like this takes both time and money.  To try and help Steve's family and friends conduct the search there's been an appeal fund set up.  You can donate to the fund here:

All monies raised will be held or sent onto Steve’s family in Crete.  Many of this sites members have already proved extraordinairily generous in their support of another red in trouble, we wouldn't post another appeal so soon if the need wasn't urgent in the extreme.

Steve’s family back home are overwhelmed by the response and the appeal for help and his father Norman wants to pass on their sincere thanks to everyone. A website has been set-up by his family for people to leave any information they feel that can help in finding their son.  Please only use the address if you have information which could help in the search, we will of course pass on any messages of support you wish to leave on this thread to the family.

If you, or someone you know is about to head out to Crete on holiday please consider taking along some posters and flyers and leaving them in any bars / hotels you visit.  Posters and Flyers can be downloaded here:

If you know anyone who is resident on Crete, please pass this information on to them, the more eyes and ears that are looking for Steven the better the chance of someone being able to help.

If you have recently returned from Crete and have any information, no matter how trivial it may seen to you, or recognise Steve from his photograph, please contact his family via or by phoning Cheshire CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.

As the words of the song go Steven's family are walking through the storm at the moment.  Thanks again for any help and support you can provide for them.

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