Round Table: Spurs 0 v Liverpool 3

Posted by Corkboy on August 31, 2014, 07:08:44 PM

Ladies and gentlemen of Rawk, we would like to take this opportunity to formally welcome you to the new league season. While the team was officially on the pitch during our first two games, technical issues meant that we were unable to bring you our regularly scheduled play. Against Spurs today, we were delighted to see the kind of performance that we grew to expect last season but never tired of. Snapping into tackles, running good lines, pacey breaks and slick interchange were all on view as we allowed Spurs to nervously win the possession stats while all the time looking like they'd rather be somewhere else.

Among the more protuberant displays were those of Ballotelli, who should probably have scored but showed his willingness to defend and help the team in a very impressive debut, Sterling who once again dominated the game, Henderson who dominated Spurs, Sturridge the provider, the list goes on. Your OP will make mention of one and leave the rest for you to feast on.

Alberto Moreno showed flashes of what a good player he is against City but ultimately had a bit of a mare. For him to come in today after getting done by Jovetic and defend like he did and link up shows some strength of character. But to also attack the fuck out of the oppo, being the furthest forward on occasion? That takes balls. For his goal, there should have been scorched tracks on the turf behind as he mugged England's Andros Townsend before charging at Lloris and dismissively swiping the ball into the corner. Boom. There's my calling card now say my name, bitches.

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