RAWK Round Table Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool

Posted by Hinesy on March 17, 2014, 08:29:16 AM

What to say about a game that always finds me nervous, that always sees both teams 'up for it' and yet as I said to myself, you know what, this isn't a United team to be frightened of, just enjoy it, I relaxed and sat back and grinned like an idiot at what unfolded.

Karma is a wonderful thing if you've behaved and suddenly all the little shitehouse moves that Evra and Vidic used to pull off, all the nasty little attitudes, such as Rafael's, from a vainglorious team of arrogants, came back to hit them.

For me there should've been 4 penalties, two more than we got and one less than we deserved, Sturridge's second was perhaps soft, but you show me a striker in the world that wouldn't have gone down there...
And yet the ref'ing was curious. Rafael should've been sent off for a 2nd yellow, I've never ever seen a handball in the penalty box and not merit such a card, never mind his later take out of Suarez.

We actually didn't look as effective in the box yesterday, Moyes' if not historically Utd's, preference for being cautious meant they sat deep and didn't give us as much space in the box to run into. But still we found a few beautiful passes that enabled us to do so, but the kick and rush feel of this match would always mean it would be mistakes and panics that would lead to goals. And so it was.

Gerrard and especially his attitude was exemplary yesterday. Flanagan somehow wants to show that his commitment is hewn from Carragher rock, and whilst probably Allen and Sterling were the quietest of our lot on the pitch, that 40 point swing from this time last year showed. We had swagger. I didn't even mind the 4 minute Moyesy time at the end. Too busy laughing.

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