Round Table - Liverpool v Spurs

Posted by royhendo on March 10, 2013, 09:03:08 PM

It was a real roller coaster ride, wasn't it?

I said before the game that the midfield was a worry, and for me that's how it panned out. It was a very attacking line up indeed. But for the first 20, we really tore into them - is that the evidence of pressing coming to the fore starting to manifest itself, I wonder? And we pegged them back pretty well, bar the Bale free kick effort really.

The Suarez goal was a treat, but we had a few moments where we might have capitalised - Downing almost nipped in front of Loris early on and you wondered if their high line would prove too kamikaze.

From the point when we scored, we had a long tentative spell, and for me it stemmed from the midfield, and their physicality and drive being allowed the time and space it needed to emerge. A stupid goal to give away before half time, as was their second really, but give Bale that kind of time to deliver a ball...

Anyway, did you feel Allen coming on shifted the balance?

Did we just need that little bit of luck that's deserted us all season?

Did Suarez merit his man of the match ahead of Vertonghen?

Is Bale human?

But mostly, just give us your thoughts.

I felt Gerrard was excellent today, as was Downing. I also felt that, come half time, we could have used Henderson for Coutinho for that extra bite in the middle.

Over to you guys...

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