Round Table: Chelsea 1 V Liverpool 1

Posted by Corkboy on November 11, 2012, 06:48:18 PM

An away day at one of the top teams and we're now on a six game unbeaten run. Mostly draws, admittedly but still. It's a sort of progress and we should take it.

So, the lavish attacking talents of Suarez, Sterling, Mata, Oscar and Hazard on the pitch and the game finishes all square after two headed goals from corners. Funny old game, eh?

Did Suso change the game when he came on?

Did Enrique deserve his Man of the Match?

Is Ramires boss or what?

Was that Joe Allen's first real off day?

For the folks who were bemoaning Carragher's selection at the expense of Coates, how did the old stager do?

And finally, is Torres just a lesser version of Suarez?

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