Are you a European Champions Cup romantic ? A reply from an old timer ...

Posted by WOOLTONIAN on May 20, 2005, 08:07:04 AM

Nige, it might have started for you earlier this year, but to many of us old fogey's it started a lot earlier. Our European Adventure started as Star Wars suggests a long long time ago in what seems like a distant galaxy.

Seems an awful long time ago since I sat in the Kemlyn for the Reykjavik home game, on the 17th August 1964. Hunt and Wallace both bagging a brace and Phil Chisnall (still the only Manc direct signing) scoring the other in a 5-0 ROMP. Liitle did we all know what achievements would follow over the next 40 years. The Milanese (albeit of the Inter variety) spoiled our party that year when they "bunged" the ref a new Ferrari and Villa on the Italian Riviera.

Note the absent "alleged" in that statement. There was no fuckin' alleged about it, I even believed Billy when he suggested they poisoned our tea at half time. 40 years later (the Ruby Anniversary) I want to see our RED gems finally wipe that travesty from the record books.

Changes over the last 40 years

My Mam lets me wear long kecks nowadays.

Haircut not changed much. Bald due to knit nurse in 64, now bald due to pulling my hair out over the last 40 years.

Found a replacement for the five fingered widow (although current version gets more headaches).

Penny 1d arrow bars are now 12p (outrageous).

We now have a ground to be proud of instead of the old one where the biggest noise in the ground was the corrugated roof rattling over the Kop (brought to you by the Let's Stay at Anfield Movement).

Things that have remained the same

My Mam still says I dont eat enough and she still calls me Peter Pan.

My Nan is now 93 not out.

Woolies is still the best knock and run shop.

Liverpool is STILL the Capital of the World.

The one thing we have in our favour is being massive underdogs, just like we were all them years ago at Anfield. It was a night when we FOUGHT for our victory. While they acted like ballerinas, we battled for every ball. We fought like lions, while they played the part of prey.

While they turn up in their Armani suits, I hope we turn up in Dockers Attire and let them know we're here for a fight, not a rendition of Swan Lake. Watching the Italians and us line up prior to kick off, I hope it's us who look like we've just escaped from Walton and not them.

There can be no excuses for a half hearted performance, we should set our tactics out for a Battle of Strength not a Battle of Wits.

They are the master tacticians not us, and I've no doubts they will set their stall out for a nice quiet stroll with the hope of a single goal. We should set our stall out early in this game and show them we're here to leave our mark on both the competition and the opposition.

Get stuck in early and fight for every loose ball.

Show them this is going to be a Battle and not a Ballet.

I want to look back next week and be able to say we fought like lions, not pranced around like gazelles. I want to look back and say, we DESERVED that Victory!

Get the Ruby Red Ribbons out, The Cup is Coming Home.

© Wooltonian 2005

ps. there are always omens in the run up to a European Cup Final. Keep yer eye out for horses running between now and next Wednesday. When we won in Rome 1977, there was a winner @ 14/1 called The Italian Job which helped pay for a lot of the trips. Anything such as Turkish Delight or a similar theme, get yer money on.

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