Adieu Dalglish

Posted by Hinesy on May 16, 2012, 05:30:36 PM

We'll clean this thread up and pass it on to Kenny somehow if you want to pass on any message of thanks to him.

For I find it hard to say goodbye.

For all the Kenny thread was full of his time is up and he should go, (where are you naysayers rejoicing now eh?) when the actual deed is done, 4,000 miles away near some baseball stadium in a country that doesn't even like football, never mind understand it, my heart sinks yet again.

FSG have now sacked everyone but the tea lady and she's been charged with a 3 year progression to making tea so fucking weak it makes milk look like David Dickinson's brow.

Once again Liverpool fans are smacked in the face for daring to believe that there was no concerns in substituting one set of American owners for another. John Henry appears to talk the talk. But with no stadium, DoF (if we need one) Chief Exec, no director of communications and so on, they look more like a business with no concept of direction whatsoever and certainly one of little understanding of LFC.

Perhaps, perhaps they have some great vision of bringing in an entire team to construct LFC in their own likeness. But when they care more for a game of big rounders than they do for Cup Finals and big matches, I wonder.

The thing is this: its not actually whether or not Kenny was the right man for the job, its the fact that it was Kenny Dalglish. I cannot think of a man more imbued with 'Liverpool-ness' than he. By sacking him in such a way, (fly him over, talk, fly him back, stay quiet then release the news on the day the England Squad are announced in a mealy mouthed pr exercise of shit) they are saying de facto to old arses and long time fans, this is the new world and the club you understood no longer exists.

Sure no-one has died, sure maybe there was an arguement for bringing in a new manager. But we no longer look like Liverpool Football Club, we look like Aston Villa, or fucking Newcastle without the higher table placing. A club that doesn't know how to do things the right way. A club that reacts not proacts. A club that, right now, has no vision, no statement of plan, no staff and little popularity among the fans.

In some ways I thought it dangerous and short termist to bring Kenny back. Bringing in Steve Clarke made me believe Kenny and the club did understand what was needed. But I suspect the owners also brought Kenny back as a popularity gaining trick. Well that's back fired on you big fucking time.

You mess with LFC fans at your peril. Its not his leaving but the manner of it that galls, saddens and despairs me. Small minded, fearful and modern day management style. Poor. Fucking. Show.

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