Round Table Liverpool 3 - 0 Everton.

Posted by Hinesy on March 13, 2012, 10:01:13 PM

400 league appearences. 2nd hattrick. First hattrick for 76 years against Everton at Anfield. Gollum's 10th birthday party humped.

It was an evening of dates, numbers and relief.

For me, there was the smallest inkling of what Gerrard, Carroll and Suarez could do when playing together regularly.

There was a 2nd match in quick succession when Martin Kelly had wished he was an inch taller with an open goal at the Kop.

We played hard and closed them down and there was little bleating and moaning and instead quick tempo and flowing football again.

Suarez and Kelly impressed me most apart from Stevie's finishing. That's the thing we've had a problem with and thankfully Gerrrard knows how to finish.

If we need evidence that the team are together, look at Luis' final pass back to Stevie for the 3rd goal - unselfish and handing the hattrick on a plate. Or is it hatrick?

Anyway, fuck the bitters, as usual Baines was our bain for a while then turned into a nasty shit. Or back to being a nasty shit. Fellatio and his hair bear bunch hairdo was a twat, Hibbert deserved everything he got and anything that makes Everton fuck off home with their tails between their legs will do me.


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